Are you shy or outgoing?

@barvie (32)
January 23, 2009 6:09pm CST
For a closer look at yourself, take a personality inventory.
4 responses
@aisaellis22 (6449)
• United States
24 Jan 09
Hello barvie! I don't think I am a shy person nor out going. Maybe a little bit of shyness and a little bit of friendliness. So I think I belong to average.
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@gcabando (314)
• Philippines
24 Jan 09
I'm an outgoing person. I love to hang out with my old and new friends.
@jlamela (4905)
• Philippines
24 Jan 09
I am more shy in nature. I hate being in the social places and I don't like being in the crowd always. I only join friends if I feel comfortable with their company if I am not then I will politely turn down their invitation to join them. This personality rooted in my poor self-esteem and inferiority complex but I am trying to get rid of it. But privately, when I am with my closer friends, I am a wild spirit, I laugh on top of my lungs and throw silliest jokes.
@celticeagle (124334)
• Boise, Idaho
24 Jan 09
I am shy. That is why it is so very nice to do alot of my work and social dealings online. A closer look at myself, huh? I am going to be doing that soon. I can be outgoing but it depends on my condition at the time and what situation I am in.