Is it wrong to use children to sell candy for fundraising?

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November 9, 2006 8:42am CST
I've heard a lot of debate on this issue. Kids work all day and night trying to sell candy or pizza or some other overpriced item to raise money for the school. But they don't get much if anything for their time.
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22 Feb 07
There's nothing wrong with our kids selling to raise funds. They are usually the ones who will be using them anyway. I was really sad one time though in choir in high school. I was the only person who took the fundraiser seriously. I sold so many personalized christmas cards and was able to raise enough money for me to be able to go to the NY trip we were supposed to have. The trip didn't push through because no one else earned enough.
@Mecboy (1050)
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18 Feb 07
its probably a prize, like the book, Chocolate war. If you sell the most chocolate bars, you get a cool prize. Or it might be something irresistable.
@meeoww (1174)
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9 Nov 06
I think that if it's a fundraiser for their activity, then they should learn the responsibility of doing the work. We just have our kids hit up a few of the neighbors that we know well and the local relatives. Then we take it to work or whatever to get the bulk of the sales for the kids. Heck, we want them to get all the funding that they can. But it's good for them to learn to work for what they want, and also shows how team effort is beneficial. If we're gonna fix anything about fundraising, let's make it NOT CANDY!!! I buy the chocolate bars for them & then give it away to someone else! I like beef sticks. Ok, fatty, but at least there's protein...better than pure refined sugar! And let's make it NOT overpriced. There are alot of local retailers/restaurants that do fundraiser promotions and all you have to do is eat there or buy something at the REGULAR PRICE and they make a percentage contribution. Great topic, monkeygirl17!