Do contacts destroy your eyes?

United States
August 25, 2006 2:29pm CST
Someone told me that, is it true?
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• India
8 Jan 07
yes because they are artificial things and specially made of plastics which causes rashes and itching which might ultimately lead to blindness.
@qouniq (1967)
• Malaysia
7 Jan 07
i don't think so. But you must be carefull when using lenses. It's very sensitive, means you must be clean either before putting it on or when you want to keep it off. Solution, i suggest you not to use RENU because a few month before there was a news on TV saying that this brand of solution can cause the sight problem even worst and can cause blind to the user. Just remember one thing, whenever you want to go for BBQ party DO NOT wear your lense because the splash from the coal can cause your lense melt and stick on you eyes which later will cause to the blind problem. It is because the lense made from plastic which will get melted with fire.
• United States
5 Jan 07
not mine but they do my sisters!!!
@wilkingh (354)
• United States
26 Nov 06
no they don't just the the soft contacts...and they don't bother me...i even sleep with them!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
@brurib (1528)
• United States
26 Nov 06
i think them are secure
@mythmoh (3986)
• United States
26 Nov 06
i am using it for the past 8 years.,i dont have any complaints.if your power wants to remain same then you should go for contacts.further cleanliness is much more important in using them
@jzcb87 (1799)
• United States
26 Nov 06
No, lol. They help them when used properly.
@roxy_stp (913)
• Romania
26 Nov 06
not really....don't think so
@sassyces (1604)
• Philippines
22 Nov 06
ty - ty
I think if used in the proper way (removed when sleeping or when extended wear contacts, cleaned frequently), then I see no reason why it would damage ones eyes.
• United States
25 Aug 06
I wuolnd not think so,My daughter has been using them for 3 months now. she has no problems.
@MGlassco (220)
• United States
25 Aug 06
hope not because I just got some, but wouldnt doubt again because I just got them and they bug :)