Does anyone know a way to get rid of cold sores/blistards?

United States
January 31, 2009 8:51pm CST
I keep getting cold sore or blisters (whatever you call them). I get them a lot. And I was just wondering if anyone knows a way to get rid of them. I have consulted with my physician and she said that I get them due to stress. When I ever stress out, Iget a cold sore. She just prescribes medicine, but when the medicine ends....what will I use? so what else can i use to get rid of them? HELP!
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@sameroad (3180)
• United States
1 Feb 09
Salt takes them away in a few days. I recently it had one because of all the cold weather and wind. i used salt on it and it went away pretty does kind of burn though but it's fast. and also don't rub it or itch it. it'll only make it worse. if you don't touch it at all no matter how much you want too it'll heal a lot lot lot faster. i learned that first hand recently lol i know it's true but i was actually able to do it lol
• United States
2 Feb 09
Thanks A LOT! I'm going to try it, but I'm a bit scared about the burning. But I'll try it. Thank You!
• Philippines
9 Feb 09
i just rub vaseline petroleum jelly and it gets better
@talisman (1308)
• United States
4 Feb 09
Welcome to myLot olga3608! A cold sore is the result of the herpes simplex virus, which has no cure. Many people have this form of the virus, but still won't get cold sores all that often. Stress, trauma, sun exposure, and more can cause a reoccurance of cold sores. Since you seem to get them quite often, you might talk to your doctor about a medication for preventing them, rather than just treatment once they happen.