February 1, 2009 9:47am CST
When u have a good pc.... u use that pc and then u sell him ! U format all hard-disk , but files are still there ! They are lot of programs , you can backup all your files (deleted files) So if u have a credit card details and u delete that... if u sell your pc to someone he can find your PIN AND YOUR CRedit card ! Its recommended If u want to sell your pc ... First BURN Hard disk... or destroy it :). Like that you are safe ! Microsoft says it`s no other way to erase all data from hard disk ! They are lot of programs and u can backup all So ... after use... BURN YOUR HARD-DISK :))))))))))) i like this :D it`s my favorite part :))) I don`t lie ! try a google search :))) interesting news :"
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@sam4mumu (114)
1 Feb 09
I agree, I bought myself a new laptop recently, I never sold my old one. I destroyed it The hard drive was pulled out and put on my open fire. No one could ever get any information from it. I also broke everything else, the screen, disk drive, battery which was good fun, so if anyone found it, it would be totally useless.
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• Romania
1 Feb 09
yeah .. but u agree with me? Hackers can backup all info`s from your hard disk... maybe IMPORTANT Info.. :| about you better way :) Destroy hard disk :"
@sam4mumu (114)
1 Feb 09
yeah I completely agree thats why I destroyed everything that had info about me.
• China
2 Feb 09
Oh,it seems horrible!Yes,the security of internet is frail.Too many bad accidents happened.Thanks for your alarm.We should be more careful.