seems like ive lost my purpose in life

United States
February 1, 2009 5:59pm CST
ever since i was like 5 yrs old i always thought that my purpose in life was gaming and making money its been like that till like a couple months ago... now i just dont know what to do i mean ive tried to find a new purpose but i just cant my old one was killed by myself when i lost interest in just aout everything im trying to find something new if you people can suggest something.... ill look into it ...plz dont suggest "try to find a girlfriend" or "just have some sx"im 16
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@ladym33 (10990)
• United States
1 Mar 09
At 16 the world is your oyster. Take advantage of your youth. Now that I am older I wish I still had the physical abilties of my youth. Take advantage of your youthfullness take advantage of what your body is able to do. Run, hike, try a new sport either competitive or just for fun. Ride a bike in beautiful surroundings, skateboard, do lazer tag, dance. Have fun, enjoy being young and vibrant. Try to think of what you would like to do carreer wise, and start looking in to colleges that will be good for that carreer and start preparing yourself for getting in to those colleges. That should keep you quite busy.
• Vietnam
4 Jul 11
When I was 16, I have no time for any s*x or love. Your duty is studying hard and harder to get to the prestigious university so you will have bright future. I think you should focus much more on your studying and you will find your goal of life. Try to find out what is your career goal and step.
• United States
20 Feb 09
I think everyone hits a rut once in awhile, just try and keep your chin up and you'll pull through. 16 is a tough age, you're an adult with responsibilities but not a lot of freedom. Stay close with your friends, whoever they may be, and stay positive. You'll find your niche again, give it time
@roniroxas (10574)
• Philippines
19 Feb 09
you just need to get your act together. you are 16 and you should act like a 16 years old person. you are soon going to be an adult and there is more life has to offer you. you just need to study and think what you really like to be. you can not just be gaming and making money out of it. that thinking is for childish people only. the future is so bright but you need to make it sure you are ready for the future. if all you have to do in your life now is to complain... you can never be what you want to be in the future.
@carl76 (123)
2 Feb 09
i hope you dont take offence at this but i think that at 16 your ready to deal with aldult life,just inexperienced and for me personally those were the best years of my life,it's all new and exciting making your way through it all, i think just keep your chin up and oppertunities will come your way ,just be ready to take them.good luck