Who's using "shareapic"?

February 4, 2009 12:02am CST
This is a good online album of pictures or photos,and you can earn money from it.i wonder is anyone using it?How can i make more people look my pictures?
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• Australia
4 Feb 09
Never heard of the site, though just checked it out now! 22 cents for 1000 views. It's ok if alot of people view your photos, but for alot of people they might only get around 40 views on there photos. It's alright if your popular with your friends, and 22 cents is better than anything, but that depends if it has a minimum payout, and how much is it. If you like uploading pics and sharing, it looks like a good site. Just search it up before joining and search for scam reports and payment proofs! All the best!
• Singapore
4 Feb 09
minimum pay out is USD 10
• Malaysia
4 Feb 09
i am a member of shareapic but am not so active. i only use it when i want to post photos on forums. takes me a while to earn on it though.