Does throwing of shoes is gud way of protest?

@Informer (803)
February 4, 2009 1:11am CST
After a shoe throw episode on Former president Bush, it's time for china as per news that one person throw one of his shoes on the Sr. leader their. Is that a gud way of protest?
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• United States
6 Feb 09
Not only was it incredibly disrespectful of the event; moxt of the world had no clue about this custom, so they just thought the guy who threw them was crazy. A protest loses its effectiveness when people don't know what it's about.
@Severin (38)
5 Feb 09
The reasons for the shoe throwing thing is because in the muslim world exposing the sole of your shoe or barefoot is considered a high insult. Far worse than the western equivalent of flipping the bird or such. The shoe was thrown at Bush as a massive protest and somebody obviously took that on board for the Chinese Premier in London.
@icecroft (449)
• Philippines
4 Feb 09
When I heard about this news, I thought it was funny. But seriously, I don't think this is a good way to protest. In my opinion, it's uncivilized, rude and disrespectful.