If you were stuck at an airport for 2 hours with only $10?

@breepeace (3022)
February 8, 2009 12:57pm CST
Let's say you're just getting home from a big trip. You have a grand total of $10 left to your name, are already finished your book, your iPod's battery died halfway through the flight, and you have 2 hours to blow before you can get back on your plane and fly home. What do you do with your 2 hours and $10 to make the time fly by?
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@Porcospino (30190)
• Denmark
10 Feb 09
I think I would buy a pen and a cheap notebook at first and then spend the rest of the money on magazines. I would read the magazines for a while and then I would tear out some pages of the notebook and use them to write a letter to my friend. I wouldn't worry stamp or envelope, I would just write the letter and send it when I got back home. If there was more time, I would write one more letter to another friend, try to write a poem or a story or just write a kind of diary about my experiences, feelings and thoughts.
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@jillhill (37377)
• United States
8 Feb 09
Probably buy a newspaper and a diet coke...read the paper and do the crossword puzzle afterwards...that should kill alot of time since I am not that good at doing the crossword puzzles!
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@chingbeem (910)
• Philippines
8 Feb 09
It actually happened to us---I think that was the year 1998-a long time ago. When my two kids were just 7&8 year olds. We travel a lot. As in a Lot. So that Christmas...the 4 of us,together with my husband,went to Davao City,Then back to Manila,had connecting flight for Tacloban City,then to Ormoc City,then to Cebu City. On our way back to Manila-in the Cebu International airport...we knew we were running out of cash...but decided that we go to the airport's ATM---would you ever imagined that all the ATM machines in the airport was unavailable?YES!,I was in Panic...my husband wanted to go back to the city but,we will miss our flight then...we counted our money nervously...we had enough for our terminal fees...when we got in the departure area,we had enought coins for 2 donuts and a bottle of water...lesson learned...check the cash...as soon as an ATm is available,withdraw money...
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@maximax8 (30579)
• United Kingdom
8 Feb 09
I would buy a bottle of water or try to fill up my own bottle with water from a drinking water fountain. I would purchase a packet of crisps to eat. I would buy a woman's magazine that is not too pricey. I would would buy a notebook and pen. Then I would sit down and write some stories. I had much time at the airport because my flight was due to leave at 19.35 however it departed at close to 1 in the morning. My young son was sleepy by the time we boarded our plane to Cape Town.
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