Let Love Go

United States
November 9, 2006 5:00pm CST
How do you let go of someone you love? I don't know how to leave when we argue all the time, but I love her so much. I know she hates arguing (though she does a good job of it) but we can never seem to have a civil discussion. How do you just let someone you love go?
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@icequeen (2841)
• Canada
9 Nov 06
Well I think you have answered your question. If you love her, then why would you leave. Believe me, my partner and I argue all the time..and we have had conversations about breaking up. However in the long run...we know we love each other and we work through it...you can too...if you really want to.
• United States
11 Nov 06
Yeh. And it's me who really fights harder to keep us together (she just would rather throw in the towel after every 'tiff'), but because I do love her so much, i don't want her unhappy so it is something I would do for her... though I just don't know how. We are fine now (again...) but I wonder when those ideas arise how to deal. :\ Thanks for the input; I feel the same way.
• United States
11 Nov 06
personally i think its hard to let go of someone you have even stopped loving after being with them for awhile..hard to think about starting the whole get to know you process over and going through all that junk again...hard to take a leap of faith and trust someone else with your love let alone a broken heart..and i also believe if you still have feelings left for someone it isnt time to let go..but time to sit down and try to figure out what is happening..does she need help around the house? more romance? a date night? what are her needs? whats making her so unhappy? just sit and talk and support and love each other your way through