Pre Wedding Photos, Is It Necessary ?

@dik_an (475)
February 13, 2009 4:59am CST
Pre wedding photos is a photos which taken before your married. It is a trend nowadays to have some pre wedding photos with large budget. I do not know why people do that although the cost is very expensive. They usually take the photos in out door, with beautiful scenery. It can be done in the beach, museum, church, mosque, temple, road, jungle, every where. Of course they must wear different gown, traditional dress, of casual dress. What do you think about it? If you are single, do you want to do some pre wedding shoot with your future husband?
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@rainmark (4302)
13 Feb 09
If you wanted to be posh and you can afford it then why not. But for it is not really neccessary, it maybe nice to have one but it's just a waste of money for me coz we don't have that much money for the wedding, except if someone will going to sponsor. Happy Valentines day!
• Philippines
13 Feb 09
Hello Dik_an, well for me i think the Prewedding photos can add glamor to a couple. But does your budget tells you that, can you afford? is it practical? These are the questions most couples would be asking themselves since being married is a new start of their life. I am married in civil, and hubby and I still plans for a Church Wedding although not yet sure when and where. But anyway about Pre wedding photos, i haven't seen if they have it here in India, but in the Philippines, oh yes, very much in demand. But I'm trying to see if we can have a solution for that since hubby knows software for digital photography that i think we will use so it will be costless for us just in case we decided to take our pics on that certain occasion.
@mammamuh (582)
• Sweden
13 Feb 09
Here in Sweden some take the wedding photos before getting married - I find that okay since the makeup and clothes and flowers are looking best at that time. I can see the point to do like that, but I don't understand why you should do both and with different clothes. I've never heard someone doing like that. I guess it depends on where you live. Now it's more common here in Sweden to have a photographer follow you the whole day taking pictures, I would have gotten some of my friends do that if I was going to get married now.