Crazy bout chocolatessssss?

@shilps (52)
February 15, 2009 2:23am CST
Can't live without chocolates.
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• China
11 Apr 09
I love chocolate too, and i find there is no problem with that. If I have to mention one problem is that it is too expensive for good chocolates in China, so it is kind of luxury hobby.
@PRIYANK1992 (1677)
• India
4 Mar 09
No I am not crazy,but my sister is,she likes choclates very much.I don't like to eat choclates,the most important reason behind it is I want to preserve my Teeth.
@dianni (195)
• Indonesia
27 Feb 09
yes ... all about chocolates I really lover... all flavor of chocolates I will hunt... chocolate's ice cream, chocolate bar, chocolate's ice, chocolates flavor in popcorn, chocolate pudding and so on... Enjoy your live with chocolates.... happy...happy... don't care about going fat.... chocolate is my favorite
@playapal (894)
• United States
17 Feb 09
Ahhhh.....there just isn't much better in live than good chocolate. Yes, I could live without it, but who would want to?
• Philippines
16 Feb 09
I am fond of eating chocolates but that doesn't mean that i can't live without it because i don't depend on that like an air that i breathe. I like chocolates mostly bars, cakes, drinks, ice cream, and syrup. Whatever the occasion may be, chocolate will always be there for me to. I love milk chocolates and the dark chocolate also which is high in anti oxidant and is good for the health. Although prices keeps on increasing weekly, one bar would not harm me i guess.
@PRIYANK1992 (1677)
• India
15 Feb 09
Yeah I also have craze about choclates.I love choclates.
• India
15 Feb 09
Yes I cant just help it ,eating chocolates but I need to have control on myself to prevent from getting problems in the future .Theres nothing wrong if take it sometymes