Difficult moments that come all at once!!!

February 15, 2009 7:10pm CST
Sometimes or you are strong or you really fall. This week my bestfriend from Italy left us on wednesday. I had to go to work to see if my boss would finally pay me. My boss came in the morning left me things to do and said he would come back with my money after lunch. Ok... did all he asked me to do and waited the whole afternoon. I got really upset I couldn´t go say goodbye to my friend on the airport and also didn´t get paid. you can imagine that. Then out of a sudden I thought of opening my msn when my ex, that one I once talked about here on mylot. Comes askin if I would be online later. I asked why and he said there have been a long time we didn´t chat (that was really strange, he never complained about that before i was the one to always do it) and then we started a conversation. He started to give me all explanations possible to tell me why he was coming to brazil but would stay only in his other ex girlfriend´s family house. He had spent all money with medicin cause he is very sick and treatments with no results. So he was so bad that him and his family decided he should come soon but now with no money to come visit me. Oh well, I got very upset and said: this people is really important to you! and he said it was not because of the people, but fortaleza was not an option for him and there he would have space and people would have time for him. I wished him a great vacation and automatically turned off msn and went home really sad. Wheh I got home destroyed: my bestfriend had gone, no money to attend university and this news from my ex I still like, I saw on his orkut he had written that this time would be two months in Marilia (where his ex lives) but in november till january would be whole brazil (like if he was trying to tell me he would come see me in the future) and then I opened the msn and there was an offline message: ok, see you and a kiss (we used to send kisses to each of us when we had a relationship and after a discussion the one that hurted the other used to leave a little kiss on msn). Man, or you are strong or you fall. I have no money so wont be able to study this semester, the guy I like will be living for 2 months in his ex house and I could not even say good bye to my bestfriend that only god knows when I will see again cause she lives in Italy and i live in Brazil. Tell me, what do you do when you have those situations to face all at once?
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• Philippines
16 Feb 09
I have faced difficulties of my own. Almost a thin line of turning sanity into insanity. When problem comes in bundle that sometimes you have forgotten how to spell happiness remember that One thing is for sure, it will all pass and you will come out even stronger and a better person. Live one day at a time for now. Use this moment to find another work. check out odesk.com where you can do work for other people and you get paid. You will see your best friend again. Don't sweat it. Use this opportunity to find a friend not to replace her in your heart but to enjoy life. The boyfriend is not a problem if you look at things in a different perspective. Perhaps, God has someone better in mind for you. I learned one thing in life...not to push things because there is what we call God's will and in my experience it is always grand.
• Brazil
16 Feb 09
Thanks for your comment. Sometimes friendly words even from a stranger make a big difference you know?