all of stuff that you need is available on internet

February 17, 2009 11:13am CST
its not doubt anymore that by surfing on internet, you can find anything that you want more than television or other electronic media. on internet, you can find new friends, download file or song, receipt or even ordering some seems be easier by internet and much different with previous time when internet not yet invented. now, i can order dvd movie without going away from my place with the cheaper price than selling on market or order anything that i am looking for. thats awesome! it will be efficient in time. i can know the reference of yummy food around my place by searching in internet. in fact, my husband job as entrepreneur at this moment really needs internet to update any single information about his stuff. and believe it or not, any job that i got always come from online applying than offline ones. it seems internet really useful in our daily life as long as we use it for the possitive things. what do you think?
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@bdugas (3580)
• United States
21 Feb 09
Yes I agree, I look up recipes for different things to make to eat, look up phone numbers of places I need to call , and believe me it is way easier as my eye sight is not so good now adays. We can shop with out leaving our homes which is really good in the winter when it is so cold outside. We can use the internet for entertainment to play games, I play canasta and have made some awesome friends. We don't even need the mail so much any more, so much easier to just send a email card when it is a birthday or holiday. We can share photo through email to our friends and family who are so far away. I actually how we ever got by. The internet is great, but I see some people who abuse it and you while on line, I guess if they have to do that they have sad and lonely lives.
@eshaan (6191)
• India
20 Feb 09
yes, it has changed the lives and going to change and make it more easier and comfortable in coming days. You are right u can get all the information of job placements of govt or private sectors,yesterday only i filled the form for my nephew online and i felt that it has become so easier as compared to our days.
@xiaouie15 (289)
• Philippines
18 Feb 09
Yes you can access simply everything just by surfing the Internet. Since I am into writing and researching, Internet has always been a big part of my day. I spend most of my time on the computer, doin some research about different topics. I sometimes use the Internet for gaming and for checking the trends in different sectors. It is really useful. I can even use it for texting and for learning a lot of new things.
@Porcospino (31509)
• Denmark
18 Feb 09
I think that the internet is very useful in a lot of different ways, and it would be very difficult to live without it. I found my fiance through the internet and we found our house throught the internet. I have also found many friends and a couple of jobs through the internet. There is no doubt that the internet has brought me a lot of good things, and I can't really imagine going back to the times when there was no internet. I would miss it and I would miss having easy access to any kind of information.
@Lakota12 (42605)
• United States
17 Feb 09
good for alot of things an also good for scams and such. I just wish it was alot easier to find a home job using the internet than is is I have looked and bought things for 10 years now to make good money and havent found anything yet that pays the way they claim!
@Darkwing (21586)
17 Feb 09
Yes, I agree with you. It saves a lot of time and expense travelling to libraries and town information centres, not to mention the shops. I like to shop online at Christmas time because the goods are delivered very quickly, it saves my bus fare, my time and my poor aching feet! Brightest Blessings.
@mysdianait (66046)
• Italy
17 Feb 09
Oh yes and I am getting better, or worse depending on how you look at it, at not going round the shops all afternoon comparing prices too. I checkout online when there is something I am looking for. Last week it was a table and two chairs for my small kitchen. I checked out all the local stores online instead of going out, wasting time and spending money on petrol, and when I found what I wanted I went and bought it. I didn't buy it online to avoid the delivery charge which as I was only buying one item would have been quite high. I love internet and am actually saving time, earning money and having more and more fun!
@fren45 (894)
• Malaysia
17 Feb 09
yes indeed internet is a powerful tools for us to use. Practically anything can be found online. Internet is like a big market place that you need time and effort to find for the correct channel.
@peavey (16965)
• United States
17 Feb 09
Yes, I agree... you can find almost everything on the internet. I use it constantly to find things and find out about things. Even the most trivial questions can be answered on the internet, and the heaviest subjects are covered in depth.