so friggin' pissed

February 18, 2009 6:10am CST
i'm just so freakin pissed of people and "money making" programs on the net promising you make money for free with their program. Often you sign up a couple of pages of personal info's and on the last page it say's pay some 40 f***ing dollars to finish your friggin' signup and start making money.. what the f is that? is that what free mean these days. i can't even concentrate writing this.. i'm just really pissed. aaaaahhhh.. sorry if i can't quite come up with words to say..
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• United States
18 Feb 09
You can make money online but you have to work at it. As a hobby last year I started looking around on the net and I was trying to find ways to make money, and I must say I have been making money ever since. It is not easy but I do it. I have been finding so many ways to make money it seems I cannot keep up. I try to work on one thing at a time but that is hard to do when you want to do it all! Look on my profile and see if there is something there that might interests you. Most of my programs require you to live in the US so if you don't I am sorry I could not help but yes you can make money it is just a lot of trial and error. Good luck! happy mylotting as well!
• Philippines
18 Feb 09
sorry bout that.. yep im aware of those legit sites. unfotunately most of them are available for us, canada or uk residents only.. there are however some like ciao who's paying well and available for most countries like mine. thanks for your comment. i'm calm now.. lols..