do make-up expires?

February 23, 2009 10:35pm CST
is there any expirations for make-ups? or how long will it last? can we use it for years till we still have it?
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@Lucifey (93)
• China
2 Mar 09
That depends on what make-up u used. Sometimes some make-up could use on body when they can't be used on ur face.
@maezee (41296)
• United States
27 Feb 09
The only real issue is bacteria, as the first responder said. The longer you keep your mascara/eyeliner, the more likely it is to have bacteria growing on it - and using bacteria-ridden makeup can cause infections. One way to make sure you're not using "expired" mascara/eyeliner is to SMELL it before you use it. It sounds weird, but if it smells funny - then you shouldn't use it. Other than that, I believe nail polish is considered "expired" if it's clumpy or if the color looks like it's fading in some spots.
• Philippines
24 Feb 09
makeup - A collection of makeup
Makeup has an expiration date. All products be it natural or chemically treated should have a posted expiration date. This will alarm the consumer if they have to keep or throw the product away. It is for our health that is why product manufacturing and product expiration is included in every product we use to buy. Please don't use your makeup if it already expired. Your skin will suffer for it and will have allergic reactions or so. I do throw my makeup when it reached it's expiration date. I don't care even if it's expensive, as long as my skin is safe and protected to such product. That is why, i learn to use mineral makeup because they tend to have a longer usage than other face makeup in compact or in liquid.
@Evolna (9)
• Singapore
24 Feb 09
I normally keep my makeup for as long as possible.But for liquid form makeup,such as liquid eyeliner,mascara and foundation,if it's starting to turn color/smells funny,it would be wise of you to throw it away.As for powder form makeup,I always finish them up before throwing them away.Some makeup items can be really expensive,so throwing them away after 6 months,despite them being barely used,would be quite a heartache for some... A way to keep your makeup from being exposed to bacteria is too wash your makeup brushes often.That way,your makeup would last longer and prevent bacteria grown.
@Tori0325 (11)
• United States
24 Feb 09
I think the liquid type of things expire, but things like eye shadow and blush dont generally expire. But I agree w/ the other person... try to replace some, if not all, after about 6months. Tori
@lynnemg (4536)
• United States
24 Feb 09
As far as an actual expiration date, I have never looked. I do know that if make-up sits for a long time after being open, bacteria can get into it. I have always been told to replace any and all make-up at least every six months to avoid getting any infection from the bacteria that can breed in it.