to whom do you go to when you are sad and lonely?

February 24, 2009 6:02am CST
last night, i watched the movie PS I love starring Hillary swank and a british actor, or so i thought. the setting was that, both of them are a happy couple. happy means there are also problems along the way, but they were both open and working it out. but somewhere along the way, the husband died because of brain cancer, i guess. and so, he left her with no baby and with all the memories she could only have and had with her. then, trying to move on with her life, she find herself all alone and is not moving on. there came a time when she was thirty, and yet she did not notice it. but thanks to her family and friends, who were always there and trying to push her up. and so they were able. but the transition was really hard for her. she loves her husband. and more so, she missed him.. and there was a time that even the mere presence of a friend is not a help.. then, she tried to date some other guy.. but find herself, longing for the husband that has been long gone.. and finally, when she could not have it anymore, she cries so hard. i could feel her pain.. she needed some companion. the one who would understand.. and she go to her MOTHER.... hmmm. then they talk..and then made her realize many and a lot of things... she ran to her mother.. how about you, where do you run when things are not good anymore?...
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• United States
15 Mar 09
Music! I play my guitar or play some music and I usually feel great again. Question is, Where do you go, when the person you usually go to is no longer around? I used to always go to my friend Jean, she could cheer me anytime. Now she is married and lives on the East Coast, so I can't hang out with her. I used to go to my Mom, but as I got older, she doesn't listen much. I usually go online and find a good online friend that I have known for several years, that we can normally talk about anything, and they are usually really supportive. When I don't have any support at all, I get all my support from "My Higher Power" and by working on my inner-self. Then things mysteriously get better on the outside world.
@elghrasya (501)
• Philippines
9 Mar 09
When I feel down, sad and lonely I always go to my friends place. I will hangout with them all day. Our family is not open into many things and action. We don't bond that much so I feel lack of love when it comes to my family. Unlike when I am with my friends I feel loved and a different kind joy but when it comes to financial problem that's the time that I will go to my mom, haha she is very supportive when it comes to financial matters. That's why I want to tell the world I love you mom! haha
@Chispa514 (871)
• Montreal, Quebec
24 Feb 09
It all depends on what my problem is about, but usually I go to my mom or my best friend.