Would you say something to her?

United States
February 27, 2009 11:33pm CST
I was part of a message board and befriend someone. The board became mean to me and others. So, she made her own website with a messageboard. She gave me the link and I joined. Everything was ok, but some people there were all who are you? Did you come from the first board? I was all yes and some people were making it an issue that they didn't know me. Oh, well. Then, the people from the first board who weren't invited because they were mean to her, started causing trouble. So, that ended and we got another site. There was tech prooblems and it never worked. Now, this one girl, let's call her R, make a website with a messaboard that works. I was invited. She emailed me. Due to moving from site to site, and I'm guessing other reasons, not many people posted. I did for a while, but it was slow and it seemed no one really replied. Then, I got busy with school and life. I was also annoyed because they acted like if you voted McCaine, you were a bad person. I don't like Obama, but I don't assume people who voted for him are bad. Anyway, I gave it up. I go to the first website and see a thread saying the girl, who I friended, got into an accident. So, I send emails to people and nothing. I start a thread, because the mean people wrote bad things in the one about her accident, saying get well ect. She thanks me and all. I get a post from R saying hi. Now, I'm confused if she wrote to me or the girl in the accident to message her on the site. I send her a message to send me the link because I lost it and nothing. I post "R, send me the link". She doesn't post in the thread, but she messages me "I don't think you ever had the link. I'm sorry, but but it's not a board for everyone. I know that sounds rude and mean, but I just can't give it out to everyone that asks. Sorry." Would you say something? To her? To anyone? I feel she's being twofaced. I also feel she's giving me a tude because it's private and if I say "R is being mean to me", she can turn around and say "No, I'm not" Why do you think she did this to me? I'm so confused.
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@amoyube1980 (2233)
• Somalia
9 Apr 09
I'm confused too. I don't know anymore whether the girl called 'R' was the one that got into the accident. Or the girl that git into the accident was the one with a messageboard where people are mean to her. Or are they all the same girl? maybe that's the reason why people are being mean on the messageboard, there's something confusing about her.
• Somalia
9 May 09
hehe. thanks for making me best response.