Do You Fall For Anything?

@lynnemg (4536)
United States
March 1, 2009 7:02pm CST
Are you the type of person whho is gullable and will fall for anything? Or, are you the type who paysd attention enough so you are not easily fooled? I am one who is pretty observant and I don't fall for much. Once in a while, my hubby can get me with a good one and really ake me believe something. I am getting much better at reading him though, so he is not as successful as he used to be.
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@lazeebee (5466)
• Malaysia
2 Mar 09
I'm suspicious of most people, and do not trust anyone willingly; but there are times when I could be fooled by anyone asking for help (pleas, tears, so forth). As for my husband, there is a certain look on his face, when he try to hide something from me, or pull my leg. I hope he doesn't know I know!
@chookie1971 (2274)
• Australia
2 Mar 09
I had discovered a friend of mine lied to me about something. When he first lied to me, I pressured him to telling me to truth. 5 months later, I had decided that I wanted to clear up things. What I have discovered is that the friend's partner lied to him. Now it will not matter what I say, I am not speaking the truth. He will believe his partner and there is nothing I can do about it. The friend had fallen for her lies but I haven't. Especially now that I have discovered the truth. Pesistance of finding the truth paid off for me.
@sandymay48 (2031)
• Canada
2 Mar 09
Hi lynnemg...I am not at all gullible. Usually I am very aware of whats going on. I too am observant and pay attention to pretty much everything. If I am not sure of something, I will try to find info on it. Its not often that people can pull one over on me..I am very cautious at all times. My hubby would try to pull things on me when I first met him too..He would say things in a perfectly normal sentence but I would usually catch one..He always says.."my honey is smart..I cant fool her"...I wonder how long I can pull off the smart image...
@stealthy (8188)
• United States
2 Mar 09
I'm a pretty practical person and so I don't fall for things easily. For instance I knew Bill Clinton was a liar long before he looked the nation in the eye and lied about Monica. Which also shows that I am a pretty good judge of people.
@hanasays (212)
• United States
2 Mar 09
My brother and I prank each other a lot. So do my friends and I. As a result, I don't believe everything everyone tells me any more. Every once in a while, though, one of them gets me really good... Also, when I was little, my aunt used to tell me a lot of tall tales. For a long time, I was convinced that she was a witch and her cat was her familiar, and they flew around on a broom all night. I also thought there were trolls living under the dining room table.