How many times do you go to an fast-food in a month?

March 4, 2009 1:10pm CST
Fast-food shops we met everywhere,Mc'Donalds or Kfc are only one of them,do you like to eat there,if yes please say the reasons why you like them!
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• United States
11 May 09
when ever i have some eating money, or if im hurgy and by a resturant than i'll go in.
@mizstress (719)
• Philippines
12 Mar 09
we usually go to fast food chain coz it is where we usually eat and bond with my friends. we dine to fast food chain almost 3-5 mins a week.. hehehe :D
@CJay77 (4438)
• Australia
5 Mar 09
I think we go and eat in the fast food chains at least twice a month. But sometimes it depends, last month we go there once a week and have lunch before getting our groceries. I'm not much into, McDonald's and KFC, I like the food in Asian corner specially their nasi goreng, yummy. My husband prefers Buger King, Hardees or London fish and chips.
@jambi462 (4591)
• United States
5 Mar 09
I probably only go to fast food restaurants like two or three times in a month but I usually just go there to sit and chill with my friends while they eat. I try not to eat fast food very much because it helps me save money and it's better for you. I would much rather eat a home cooked meal to be honest but not everyone can do that so fast food is still a very positive thing.
@gracie04 (4554)
• Philippines
5 Mar 09
I used to eat at fast food chains weekly (MC Donalds, Kentucky Fried Chicken, Jollibee, Burger King and Wendys but since i've got a terrible illness(diabetes), i stopped eating at those fast food chains..
• United States
4 Mar 09
I live in Egypt and the American fast food chains that you are talking about are very expensive here in relation to our salaries. Because of this I eat fast food only once, maybe twice a month (including pizza places). However when I lived in America I ate fast food about 12 times a month, maybe more. Fast food is usually not healthy so I'm glad I've cut back, but I still miss being able to eat it whenever I want.