Jobs are hard to find.

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March 11, 2009 11:07am CST
I dont know why but, it was really hard finding jobs nowadays. Eventhough there are many company that opens a jobs, its was really hard getting in a certain job. company have higher requirements nowadays than before. They need experienced. What about the fresh gradute? Do they have a chance on this? They dont have any working experienced and the company are looking for experienced before they hired someone. Do you ever apply for a job and didn't pass at all because of too much requirements they needed? It always happen to me.
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• Singapore
12 Mar 09
It happened to me a lot of times before, specially when I was fresh out of College. I guess the trick is just keep on submitting your resumes to employers, and once you get a job, learn, learn, and learn!
• Philippines
21 Mar 09
It happen to me so many times. And as my friend told me "Never ever give up trying, Because if you give up that's the time you lost!" So I decided to just pass and pass and pass resume's, why not even after long wait of patience there's the right job for me. I just need to be more resourcefull in finding that right job.
@royal52gens (5489)
• United States
11 Mar 09
I have been trying to find a job for months. I do have experience. Jobs are drying up fast. The companies that are hiring are not paying enough to live on. You would need to have three of those jobs to survive. There are companies laying off people faster than they are hiring. And there are companies that are just shutting their doors and calling it quits. If you do get a job, you might not have it long. There is not a lot of job security right now.
• Philippines
21 Mar 09
Yeah, they haven't any job securities, that's why people or employees are not secure about their current jobs. It'll someday they'll find out that they dont have jobs anymore because employers can easily fired them without any good causes. I think that's so unfair for all the people around the world.
@Hubfee (665)
• Thailand
17 Mar 09
I am still studying but my friends are graduated last year. Some of them got a job already. They shared their experience to me about looking for a job. They also have problem like you, especially, who look for their dream job. They said to me that, just get any job you like and do not care about salary because what we really need is a certain work experience for 3-6 months. When you have done great in your job then those requirements are no longer so important. Some of my friends had many low grades on their transcripts but there are a lot of company where they prefer your real ability more than those records.
@asliah (11137)
• Philippines
16 Mar 13
yes i will agree with your that even there are many company out there still its hard to find a job because every year there are many students from many universities and colleges who will graduate and will become a competitor for you so its hard to find jobs.
@echoforever (5180)
• United States
21 Mar 13
I've heard this said about a lot of people. I don't know why the economy is so bad or why the job holders want to make it so difficult. Its just making us go backward.
@TLilly12 (1229)
• United States
21 Mar 13
Yes it is getting very hard to find a job, now and there are still companies, that are laying off people, this is really going to be hard on them, they have to take care of their families, and pay they bills, feed their families no job is certain any more.
@jhanz05 (12)
• Philippines
14 Mar 09
It is really hard to find a job nowadays, But why not try some companies taht oesent require that lots of experience?. yah it is not easy to find one specially when you are a freshe graduate, as they have said companies as call center doesn't require lots of requirement and try to found lucks there. for me, i didn't happen to try finding a job coz' I am scared of having one specially that I am just a student. just try to find your luks in some companies.
@sedeta (19)
• Philippines
15 Mar 09
There are some companies that prefer fresh graduates. But if you consider the requirements, its indeed very tough. Why not join seminars and trainings to improve your resume? This will really consider yours if they found something that you have the credentials that others do not have. Also consider the job you are applying, there are jobs that really need experience before getting involve to it. My advice, try to start small by looking for jobs that are related to your field, but require less experience like bookkeeping and the like. Patience is a virtue, we can always wait, and while we wait we can earn. Always try to look on the brighter side of it.