@goopss (140)
March 11, 2009 12:08pm CST
hi fellas, i heard that the money earned in the paypal can be transferred to bank account.. i ve some doubts regarding it.. 1.what is the minimum amount that can be transferred to any bank in INDIA? 2. how much they charge for transferring the funds to our bank account? responses are appreciated happy mylotting.. keep earning.
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• United States
11 Mar 09
i just transfered $25 into my bank acct the other day and there was no charge. but im in th US.... this is all i could find on paypal sites about non-US bank withdrawls: "PayPal may charge a minimal fee for withdrawals to non-U.S. banks. We charge you at the time of withdrawal. Some non-U.S. members may have U.S. bank accounts, so make sure the bank account and delivery information for your withdrawal is complete and correct. " here is the min withdrawl chart they provide: U.S. Dollars $1.00 USD Australian Dollars $2.00 AUD British Pounds £1.00 GBP Canadian Dollars $2.00 CAD Czech Koruny 20.00 CZK Danish Kroner 6.00 DKK Euros €2.00 EUR Hong Kong Dollars $8.00 HKD Hungarian Forints 200 HUF Israeli New Shekels 4.00 ILS Japanese Yen ¥200 JPY Mexican Pesos $11.00 MXN New Zealand Dollars $2.00 NZD Norwegian Kroner 7.00 NOK Polish Zlotych 3.00 PLN Singapore Dollars $2.00 SGD Swedish Kronor 8.00 SEK Swiss Francs 1.00 CHF
• Nigeria
16 Mar 09
Please i'm in similar situation,can palypal transfer my money to my Nigeria Bank account?
• India
16 Mar 09
yes it is correct that you can transfer your money from your paypal account to your bank account if the money you are transferring is less than 7000 Rs than they will charge you 50Rs per transaction but for more than that money they will not charge even a single penny from you.
@jane239 (521)
12 Mar 09
As far as I know Pay Pal don't charge anything for transferring money in to your bank account. I'm in the UK and have never been charged but if you take out less than £50.00 then they take 25 pence out of it. They also don't let you withdraw less than £10.00 if I remember correctly. You can e mail them through the pay pal site and ask them how much you need to have before you can transfer it or simply try and withdraw your money, if it doesn't meet the minimum level for your country it will tell you and tell you how much you need to have before you can take it out.
@Jamton (118)
11 Mar 09
I'm in the UK, and my Paypal is verified, meaning it is linked to my bank account, I have never been charged to withdraw funds into my bank account as they are linked. I couldn't say for certain if this is true of everywhere, but only yesterday I transferred £30 and it didn't cost anything. Do you use your paypal for ebay as well as money making sites? I mainly use mine for ebay you see, and that's why I got it verified. If you look on the Paypal website FAQ's I'm sure it will tell you :) Good luck and happy mylotting :)
• United States
11 Mar 09
Well I am in the US and paypal has never charged me to transfer funds to my bank account. There is no miniunm either at least not in the states. I have transfered a dollar before! So I would add a bank account to paypal and verfiy it and than you can transfer the money from the paypal to your bank account. I hope this helps and happy mylotting to you.