A cigarette a day keeps the doctor away?

@zahfran (851)
March 11, 2009 10:39pm CST
We all know that cigarettes are harmful and will deteriorate our live. But why do people still do it? For me, I do smoke and my personal reasons are to take away the stress and also to pass time. Chewing gums are banned in my country so cigarettes are the only alternate choice. I got this from a website about a new type of "healthy" cigarettes. This is what they claimed: Sosu Company in Japan has just invented healthy cigarettes. The cigarette is actually a battery powered contraption that when inhaled, emits flavored steam (water vapor) in your mouth. The cigarette is not only, free of nicotine and tar, it also provides you with essential nutrients such as CoQ10 and Vitamin C! Here is their website: http://brog.engrish.com/2008/12/01/cigarettes-that-improve-your-health/ However, each cigarettes really cost a, I shouldn't say BOMB, probably a dynamite.. Haha.. What do you guys think???
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• Brazil
16 Mar 09
yes, i also smoke to relief stress most of the time. I actually started smoking when i worked with telemarketing and it was really stressfull to listen to all the clients complaining and so on. And now I am a smoker.
@zahfran (851)
• Singapore
17 Mar 09
Hahaha.. Yeah.. It's always stressful listening to client's complains.
@mysdianait (65067)
• Italy
20 Mar 09
Why is chewing gum banned where you are? Is it more harmful than smoking? I checked out that website and I wonder why we have not heard more about it. Maybe because a lot of governments would lose a lot from taxes if everyone stopped smoking? I smoke but if something like that was available here and had been tested fully and approved then I would welcome it
@yAks89 (589)
• Philippines
12 Mar 09
Can smoking relieve stress? I can't see a point how taking in smoke can relieve stress. I hat smoke. ^_^