underestimate the ability of women

@willy6 (495)
March 14, 2009 1:53pm CST
A lot of people underestimate the ability and talent of women. Some believe that the women only place is in the home taking care of children and their husband. But there are many woman who has contribute a lot to society, both in the home and in the work place. A woman can be as good as a man in any occupation. Woman are achievers, it does not matter how competitive and challenging situation becomes, woman always stand up to the challenge and create wonders.
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@clorissa123 (4930)
• United States
15 Mar 09
I agree with your statement. Women are human beings too, and they surely have their specialty. Some men couldn't even compete with their women counterpart, either in intelligence, and in other area of skills. Way to go girls!
@loseli (25)
• China
14 Mar 09
I have never to think this,i thought that the woman is very great.in the family,has made the biggest contribution for the family.in the society,for society's development is the essential strenght, the literature,the entertainment,the science, the economy ,each domain has the very outstanding female,this is a fact.
@Lore2009 (7379)
• United States
14 Mar 09
I think women are powerful, just for the fact that we have the ability to give birth. We shouldn't be underestimated and of course men should be respected as well.