A friend in need is a friend indeed

@ejohn82 (155)
March 15, 2009 8:29am CST
Do you have friends to whom you can turn to when you are in need of help?Have you a faced a situation where you have asked help from your friend and they have refused? If such a situation arises are you sure that your friend will be there to support if not financially then atleast emotionally they will lend you a shoulder.Or are they friends only when things are going just fine and they disappear when things start going bad?I have very few friends but trustworthy and if faced such a situation but I am sure they will stick by me. Please share your thoughts. Thanks.
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@Porcospino (28315)
• Denmark
15 Mar 09
I have some very good friends. One particular friend has helped me many, many times, and I know that I can always count on him, if I need help. Of course I am willing to do the same for him, and I will always help him no matter what. A couple of years ago I was in a very difficult situation and I was seriously depressed. Another friend helped me very much in that situation, and I will always be grateful for the things she did for me. She didn't help me financially or anything like that, but her emotional support meant a lot to me.
@alokn99 (5717)
• India
15 Mar 09
I make very few good and close friends and i have recieved a lot of help from them in many ways even when i have not asked or leat expected it from them. So even if the situation arises and i do ask them, will not take it in any other sense if they are unable to help me. I at the same time would try to help them in any way i can when the need arises.
@myfb2009 (8296)
• Malaysia
15 Mar 09
There are many kinds of friends in this world. Sometimes, it's depend on our luck to befriends with what kinds of friends. l also had some friends, whom will be there for you when you are fine, just like what you had said. But, luckily l had 2 best friends whom will be with me no matter lm in what situation.