did you avoid to go to your friend's party?

United States
March 17, 2009 7:48pm CST
Today afternoon, a friend of mine called me to go to his birthday party. I found an excuse to refuse him. I did this because there are so many people I won't know. I felt like I am alone, and not be able to associate with them. Plus, I don't really want to go, too far from where I live. Would you do that to your friend? Or you don't mind to go there, and trying to mingle in?
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• Philippines
18 Mar 09
i just wanted to go in a party whatever it is. and i have also this fear of people especially those prominent ones.i just feel like i am under those who are above me.. and i feel like inferior to them. but know what, i wanted to deny the party on april 1 for my friend because i was hurt by his doing. it was not easy though...
@maezee (41510)
• United States
18 Mar 09
If I have to go to these types of functions, I'll ask the friend if I can bring one of MY friends with too, or a mutual friend, just so I won't have to sit around/party with people I don't know. You should ask to do that in the future. I've been to a lot of my friend's parties, and it wouldn't be the same if I hadn't brought a friend to hang out with. That way, you both can mingle, but if you're feeling like being isolated, you can just hang out with the friend you brought, too.