when you open your bag what are the items that are inside of it?

@arvintot (401)
March 18, 2009 6:28am CST
as a student for now my bag contains, a pen, pencils, a notebook, eraser, and many more that I often use or need when I go to school.
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• Philippines
1 Nov 09
I have a lot of stuff in my bag.these are: 1.toiletry bag 2.make-up kit 3.umbrella 4.water bottle 5.ballpen case 6.sunglasses 7.IDs 8.wallets 9.IPod 10.food
@nadezna (203)
• Philippines
17 Jun 09
what's on my bag? make up kit, cellphones, handkerchiefs, sanitizer, body mist, body talc, tissue papers, coin purse, wallet, passport, & comb. i don't lived w/out all of that.
@au_dawn (76)
• Philippines
12 May 09
My workplace is really far from where my home is so my bag on a daily basis contains the ff: -ballpen, notebook -folder containing documents, a book -toothbrush,toothpaste,dental floss, facial wash, pressed powder, lip gloss -comb, perfume, hand sanitizer -umbrella, jacket -food or bottled water, coffee -cellphone -wallet
@pink_lady (361)
• Philippines
21 Apr 09
hi, my bag contains the ff: Comb, wallet, credit cards,pen,medicines,make-up kit,lotion,calling cards,a small notebook,small calendar and some other stuffs.
@Porcospino (31102)
• Denmark
11 Apr 09
My bag contains a lot of things, too many things I guess I always carry my wallet, my phone, my keys, my calender, my notebook, a couple of pens, my address book, some painkillers, some candy and some loose coins. My notebook and my pens are the most important things in my bag, because I am a writer and I like to write whenever I feel inspired or get a new idea. I prefer to write on my laptop but I usually don't carry it when I go out, so my notebook and my pens are very important to me.
@mira91 (986)
• Singapore
10 Apr 09
When i go to school, or course there will be my pencil case, notebooks for lectures, maybe a file, my wallet, my psp, my ipod, my lip balm, powdered oil clear paper AND my house keys ^_^
• China
4 Apr 09
i did not take bag when i go out, ha ha ha~~~~
• China
4 Apr 09
i'm a student,too.in my bag i always keep my wallet,a nootbook,two pens,a bag of hankerchief and a comb.
• Philippines
30 Mar 09
things in my bag: cellphone, wallet, umbrella, toothpaste, toothbrush, perfume, baby powder, small mirror, sunglass, fan, company id, contact lens, and hairbrush.
@EliteUser (3966)
• Australia
22 Mar 09
Hey, Yea I am also a student, my bag also contains things such as my pen, pencils, a notebook, eraser, and I really hope to get myself a nifty little thing that is better than any EEE PC already out their. It is called the OQO 2+. Instead of it being like most EEE PC's with the 1.6GHz Intel Atom Processor, it comes with a 1.86Ghz Intel Atom processor, and it is less than half the size. Happy Lotting!
@icecroft (449)
• Philippines
22 Mar 09
Here's what's in my bag: Wallet, cellphone, makeup kit, house keys, pen & small notebook, umbrella (in case it rains), Ipod Shuffle, rosary, etc.
@tea512 (687)
• United States
18 Mar 09
i try to keep things like check book, important numbers on a PDA all thought most are on my cell phone now. A ton of chargers for my phone, itouch, and GPS. I small tool kit (i work on computers) a couple jump drives and lists of stuff i am supposed to do that day.