how do you stay happy?

@jane9147 (252)
March 20, 2009 8:08am CST
staying happy is one good way to looking vibrant and beautiful, they say. and when you're happy, you can also spread the vibe and then the ambiance will be good, but with all these stuff to make you stressed, how do manage to stay happy with your life? what do you do to avoid looking at life negatively?
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• Philippines
21 Mar 09
Be open-minded...Open your mind to various possibilities and never let yourself be beaten by stress. Stress slowly kills us. Stress is a part of our life but it doesn't mean you have to be stressed. I read, sleep, eat, etc. to be happy. Think simple and you'll be happy with what you have but never give up on higher possibilities. Doing this makes me happy even during work hours.
@Kathy25 (13)
• China
20 Mar 09
Stress plays an important role in our daily life. And to be happy is one of the most important aim during our life. When we meet something unhappy, just have a rest, do something to relax ourselves, such as listening music, going shopping, taking a walk and so on.
• Philippines
20 Mar 09
Hello Jane, well for me i have to think of beautiful things like counting my blessings day by day because this is one way of thinking positive on life. Sometimes i do look at my pets, they look so happy, no need for them to worry about life, and then i try to imagine myself since i am their master, and i appreciate them as my pets, it is really a good stress buster at times, when we have pets around. Music can be a good way to think positively, of course you chose what to play, i like Godly songs to play everyday, it makes me want to Praise my Maker everyday of my life. And also, when i do feel sad and alone, i do eat my favorite foods and fruits and this also helps a bit. And then i always tell myself to lessen the stress by making my goal reachable so that i won't expect much about it. Happy Mylotting