What's your favorite season?

@coldmoon (1092)
March 20, 2009 11:12pm CST
The spring is the season of beginning. The winter is the season of reunion. The fall is the season of romance. But I like the best the summer, the season of vacation, of travel to the sea, of ripe fruits,... What about you?
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• Philippines
27 Dec 12
I like summer, because it is mostly vacation time and people get to wear comfy shirts and flops that are not hard to wash over the laundry. I like the fact that in summer season in my place, more travel destinations are discounted since there are lots of tourists coming over the country for vacation.
@moneywinner (1865)
• Brazil
14 Jul 11
I love summer, is my definitely my favorite season! One of the reasons is because on summer, I'm on vacation, so, I can do everything I want. Also, because I love beaches and on the summer I can go to the beach everyday.
@febrigas (362)
• Indonesia
9 Jul 11
I like summer. The air feel so warm. And we will more easily undergo daily activities. Also more pleasant to get a vacation in the summer, either to the beach or the mountains. :D Happy MyLotting!
@CRSunrise (2964)
• United States
2 Apr 09
My favorite season is probably summertime, although there are things about each season that I like. Of course, there are things about each season that I dislike too. There's a two-edge sword no matter where you're coming from. Everyone is probably like that.
• United States
31 Mar 09
I would have to say that my favorite season is fall/autumn. I love the color and smell of the leaves. We love taking long rides in the country to look and take pictures of all the leaves. Now of course their is a part of me too that doesn't like fall/autumn only because that means the white yucky stuff isn't far away but if I could live in a place that had fall like seasons all year round I would move there in a heartbeat. I am also very fond of the summertime because that means swimming, camping,cookouts and picnics. But there are so days where the hot heat is too much. I like just a little bit of a breeze so your not all sweaty and sticky.
@tinam13 (839)
• United States
30 Mar 09
summer - sun with sunglasses
i like all seasons except for winter. winter is very dreary and depressing. when summer comes i think of; freedom, relaxation, love, fun, adventure, late nights, water, sun. summer's great, i look forward to it every year, but when it comes, it seems to end so quickly.
@greenline (14855)
• Canada
28 Mar 09
Hello Coldmoon. How are you ? My favorite season is Spring. After struggling through severe winter, tons of snow and freezing, Spring brings the big relief to enjoy. Living close to the Canadian Rocky Mountains, Spring is the time to enjoy "Spring time in the Rockies". In fact, I am planning to drive to the Rockies coming weekend, relax the Spring break ! Have a nice day !
@goldeneagle (6774)
• United States
28 Mar 09
Fall is my favorite season. It is nice to have a break from the summer heat, and the colors on the leaves changing are awesome. I do not like Spring, because I have some serious seasonal allergies. Summers here in NW Florida are so hot that it makes getting outdoors to do anything really difficult. There are times during the winters here that are really cold, and I try to stay indoors then as well. Fall is definitely the best time of year to work outdoors, or to enjoy outdoor sports such as hunting, camping, hiking, etc.
• China
21 Mar 09
As for me,I think autumn it is my favorite season. The weather here is neither so cold nor so hot, and it is beautiful since the color of most of the leaves becomes yellow and red, what beautiful view it is, so I always go to nature for enjoy it each year as Autumn is coming.
• China
21 Mar 09
Summer~~ i can wake up easily and wear little clothes.In winter,i wear like a ball,that's not a good feeling~~and in summer,i can do some sports without any limitation~~
• China
21 Mar 09
My favourite season is fall. In autumn the leaves change from green to brown and with a fresh breeze blowing. A beautiful picture @_@