How's your shopping experience been on ebay?

@stinge (810)
United States
March 22, 2009 6:35am CST
I recently purchased many clothing items and a couple of cell phones from ebay these past couple of months. I have shopped on ebay in the past as well and so far I've never had a problem. Recently I brought 2 back up cell phones for myself at very cheap prices. But before I did, this was the 1st time I actually checked the sellers feedback ratings before I made my purchase. I noticed a few of the sellers that had the phones I wanted had a lot of negative feedback in the last couple of months. So I decided not to buy from them, even though they were selling what I wanted at a cheaper price than others. I will be checking the seller feedback more often, as I've never done it in the past. So I've been lucky so far. Has anyone here ever had a bad experience shopping on ebay? Have you purchased an item and it never get sent to you? Or maybe the item want as described by the seller. Have you ever had to ask for a refund on something? Have you ever been screwed out of your money on ebay?
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• United States
22 Mar 09
I got to purchase just a few stuff from ebay. Like a bowling ball and a sewing machine that were okay. But I have not visited the site since I got a printer/fax machine that was not working. I contacted the seller and said I want to send it back but I never got a response. Then I got an e-mail saying I will get a refund so I tried to wait. Never got it. I know it was a second hand or used thing and you get it "as is" but I just hope they make it a point to make sure things work before they try to sell it. We still shelve out real money to get them stuff even if it is cheaper than buying new ones.
@kiran8 (15348)
• Mangalore, India
22 Mar 09
Hi stinge, i have bought some dvds from ebay. i never had any problem with the site. I feel that it is a very convenient way to shop for certain goods. At the time i bought the DVDs i did not have a paypal account and i had to pay by cheque to the seller, which took some time, but other than that it was very easy..