are your cat is healthy

March 24, 2009 9:00am CST
i think cat is cute animal, are you think same with me?.., now, if you have a cat or more how often your cat is sick?, would you like to bath him everyday?, my cat is sick please help me..
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@augaug (11)
• Hong Kong
27 Mar 09
your cat got sick?? then have you bring her to the doctor??
@bigv038 (66)
24 Mar 09
My cat is about 15 and as it's got older it's had to go to the vet more often. It has bad teeth and has to have them 'scaled down' (I think thats the term) which costs a fortune every so often. My cat also recently had a fit, was shaking in the corner and wet hiself in the house which he has never done! It cost a fortune to ring the emergency vet. It was suspected he had a tumor and the vet said it would cost £1,000 to have a scan to see! They recommended we waited cos if it was a tumor he would have more fits and have to be put down. Luckily hes ok now and back to his normal self so I'm hoping it was just a one off!
• United States
24 Mar 09
I have a cat. She will be 12 at the end of april. I guess I have been lucky, I have never had to take her to the vet due to an illness. She has had some problems, but the are cleared up by the next day. The Vet's don't understand, of course the want to make $ from me, but I don't see taking her to the vet when she is fine the next day.