How do you contact with your friends not living the same city with you?

March 30, 2009 3:17am CST
I've many friends. However, many of them don't live in the same city with me because of our work. For us, we always send sms to each other or call each other. Besides these, we till chat thru Internet.These make me happy. I don't feel they're far away from me. How about you? How often do you contact with your these friends? And how do you contact with each other?
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@myfb2009 (8296)
• Malaysia
30 Mar 09
Well, l contact my friends who are living in other city, through email or yahoo messenger whenever we are free. Sometimes, l aslo sms or call each other when we are not online. As for my family, l also use phone to call or sent email to my family almost everyday, since we really likes to talk alot on any topic, especially my mom. She likes to share every single topic with me eventhough lm living far from her now..
@reds08 (306)
• Indonesia
30 Mar 09
I also have lots of friend who live in different cities, some of them even live in different islands. But we always keep on contacting through text messages, chat with YM (webcam), and social networking such as Friendster or Facebook.
@Informer (803)
• India
30 Mar 09
HI Friend, I catch them by cellphone// I call them whenever I get time... ONline chatting is another way, we remain in contact...This always ggod to be in contact with each other and technology have made it very easy for all of us.. Happy MyLotting