Given a chance, would you dine some personalities who could these be ? and why ?

April 3, 2009 11:21pm CST
A common question which I bet most of us have heard, but let me ask it again.If you would be given a chance to have a dinner with three prominent personalities at a random time, who could these be ? and why do you choose them ? and what would you ask ? Here is my take: First, I would choose to have a dinner with my country's president. Perhaps I would ask her about certain issues, I want to know straight from her the answers of these concerns of my country. Second, I might pick Angel Locsin, a local Filipino actress, I might asks her successes and secrets. Then, I would choose Lucio Tan, one of the most succesful businessman in my country and asks his secrets of success. Now, its your turn.
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@bjcyrix (6910)
• Philippines
5 Jun 09
Ahm, what are the stipulations within this question? I mean do these 'personalities' have to be real(existing, non-fictional)? alive? personality from one's home country..? As this is a hypothetical question, Im gonna have to use my imagination a bit.LOL The first personality that I would really love to dine with would be an Arch angel. I would ask him/her/it all the things that I really wanted to know with all spiritual beings. I wanted to dine with a fallen angel at first but I guess an angel with all the authority and knowledge over all the angels might give me sufficient answer. He/she/it can also censor the responses if he/she/it deems that the answer would be too much for human knowledge. The second personality would be a coin toss between Cleopatra, Sir Arthur Conan Doyle, and Sherlock Holmes. Cleopatra because she is one of the most famous personalities in history. I wanna know what drives her. I wanna know her true story, and not just those dictated in the history books. Sir Arthur Conan Doyle because I wanna pick his brains as to how he came up with great stories of all time. Last but not the least, I wanna see Sherlock Holmes in action. I wanna see his deductive skills firsthand and maybe learn from his ways. The third personality would be Warren Buffett. He is the second wealthiest man of 2009(Bill Gates is the first). I wanna ask some of his life's highlights as having lived through World War 2, being a business man, a great investor and also a philanthropist. I guess I wanna learn how to make good investments from 'the' man and how to manage my finances well, especially on the part where he still keeps his frugality despite of having immense wealth. PS. I really did put off responding to this question cause I just dont mind not being able to dine with any personality. If I had to think about it, I wouldnt know who to dine with and what to ask. Another thing is that Im totally quiet whenever Im eating so I wouldnt know how the conversation will pick up.LOL
@bubbletush (1333)
• Philippines
4 Apr 09
Given the chance, I would like to dine with the following personalities: Roger Federer (Swiss Tennis Player) because I really look up to him not just as a great tennis player but someone with a pleasant personality and like him I play tennis, Michael Schumacher (German former Ferrari Formula One Driver) because also he is known to be one of the greatest Formula One Driver and I am a big Ferrari fan, and lastly, Kimi Raikkonen (Finnish present Ferrari Formula One Driver) because he is my ultimate crush.
@riyasam (16570)
• India
4 Apr 09
i also would like to meet my countrys president,pratibha patil .here in our contry where women are not given much value,i would certainely like to know her struggles on the way.