What do you like to do most on cell phone?

April 5, 2009 6:06am CST
Today almost every person has a cell phone of his own..On me cell phone the most I like to do is to play games then using its camera and in the end calling my friends... What do 'you' like to do most on your cell phone???
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• Italy
7 Apr 09
this is dangerous to play much time to the games on cell phone in how much the electromagnetic waves does not do good goes it health knows also the children to it better to play with the nintendo wii
@sk66rc (4257)
• United States
6 Apr 09
Up until about a week ago, I had blackberry pearl & it's not that I liked doing things on the phone but I did a lot of emails & taking pictures because of my work... I've changed my phone to one of the most basic phones... Matter in fact, the model of the phone is aobut 10 years old... It's nokia 8890... Most of the times, I make & receive calls... Sometimes I do messagings on it, too...
@Porcospino (30477)
• Denmark
5 Apr 09
Most of all I use my phone to send messages to my family and my friends. Sometimes I choose to call instead of sending a message, it depends on the situation and the person I want to talk to. Some of my friends don't like to send and receive messages, so I call them instead of sending a message. I also use my camera to take pictures. I mostly use the camera to take pictures for fun or because I want to send the pictures to my friends. If I want to take pictures of a high quality I use my digital camera instead of the camera in my phone. I the beginning I sometimes played games on my phone, but I don't do that very often anymore.
@coldmoon (1091)
• France
5 Apr 09
I use my cell phone mainly to make and receive calls. Then I check the time with it. In fact, it's all needed and when I have to do, I can't say if I "like" or not.
@chimrani (1430)
• India
5 Apr 09
i use my mobile to hear music and i use camera frequently.I use N72 and it is the best and i too hear radio
@jpso138 (7860)
• Philippines
5 Apr 09
Well, there are a lot of things I do with my cellphone. From calling and sending sms, I also utilized my phone to take pictures, surf sites and check my emails. But I think the thing that I do most is sending text messages and the next one is calling and answering calls. The call charges are very expensive here, so if it is not so important, I just send messages instead of call.
@athinapie (1150)
• Philippines
5 Apr 09
Hi there! I love texting using my cellphone. I don't usually call people because I don't have enough cellphone load to do that. So I just basically use it for texting.