writting a novel/short stories

April 6, 2009 5:16pm CST
Im interested in writting a novel or short stories. Does anyone have any tips on getting started? I havent studied this subject at school or unviersity but I would love to give it a try! Thanks :)
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• Philippines
6 Apr 09
I never studied how to write novels o short stories but I have written several. I wrote with what I want to write I let my imagination flow. I have a very wide imagination and sometimes I tell a story of another person and try my best to build a world beyond what my mind can see.. Try it. It is like dreaming.
6 Apr 09
Thats a good idea about writting in that style. Thanks very much :)
• United States
7 Apr 09
If you wish to start a novel, or a short story, you might want to start by learning how to type properly structured sentences first. Also, you might want to try interjecting proper punctuation where necessary, i.e apostrophes, commas, and the like. Take in to account that it is impossible for anyone to writ a novel or a short story, but it is plausible to write a novel and-or a short story. Spelling is the thing. Just a thought
@elvira1 (101)
• Philippines
5 May 10
Hi Emma, I believe you start with knowing your genre and what your heart tells you as to what field you are most interested and comfortable writing. Then you can start from there. You can also search the internet for seminars/workshops on writing a novel in your place. There might be publishing companies that are conducting workshops to guide you in writing your novel. Good for you that have a subject at school about it. Good luck
@Grat15 (416)
• Singapore
6 May 10
Hi Emma, Elvira was right, the key to become a writer is your heart. Just wrote what you want to, let it flow, you can edited letter.
• United States
7 Apr 09
There are lots of ways to get started. Right on line there are millions of free writing courses. But all you really need is a desire to write and learn and you are on your way! This site is good pracrice for people who want to be writers. I did, then I just kept up with mr typing skills here and went onto other sites to learn more, finally, I put it all together and I was writing! Good luck to you.
10 Apr 09
Thanks for the advice:)
@celticeagle (123957)
• Boise, Idaho
6 Apr 09
Journaling is important both to your writing and spiritually. Also, write what you know. What is close to you and that you are most passionate about. Read the classics and the up and coming writers that you like. Even non-fiction on the subject of writing is good. Stephen King has written several good ones on the subject. Write down your ideas and expand on them as you can. Have fun!
6 Apr 09
Great advice about journalling and writting ideas down. Thanks :)
• India
8 Apr 09
I don't have tips. But I can suggest that if you are writing then focus only on script and objectives of writing. Because it is the way by which you can bind your reader.
@Raven1 (577)
• Australia
7 Apr 09
I'd suggest reading some of the articles at http://www.fictionfactor.com for novels and getting published or on http://short.fictionfactor.com for short stories. I'd also buy a dictionary. Writing is something anyone can do - impressing an editor requires that you learn as much as you can about writing well.
@adam1980 (517)
6 Apr 09
writing about something you know about and are passionate about is always easiest as it comes along with the life already in it from the passion you have for it