Have you seen Madagascar 2 yet?

United States
April 10, 2009 9:51am CST
Has anyone seen part 2 yet, and if so is it as good or better then the first one? I love the first one, it was so cute and funny. I am thinking of ordering the movie tonight on our DVR but wanted to know what others thought before I spend the money on it. Would love to hear your thoughts on the movie, but PLEASE do not tell me anything about what happens in the Movie, that is a real bummer when you are told what happens in a Movie. I would love to hear from as many people as possible if this movie is as good or better then the first one, how would you rate it on a scale of 1-10, 1 meaning it was totally awful, and 10 meaning it was an awesome must see movie. Thanks all!!
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@kel1483 (986)
• United States
10 Apr 09
Yes, I've seen it. I watched it with my cousin's daughter while babysitting. My cousin's daughter is 5 and she loved it. I thought it was really good, too. It has all the characters that you love from the first one, along with some new ones. The coloring of the movie and editing and stuff is as good as the first, I'd say. I think if you enjoyed the first one, you'll enjoy the second. It's nice because you get some background info on one of the characters. Overall, it's a cute movie.
• United States
10 Apr 09
Thank you for sharing and I look forward to watching it tonight with my family!!
• Brazil
10 Apr 09
I haven't seen it yet but I heard it was good, the first one was great, really funny, so the second one should be good too. I want to watch it.
• United States
10 Apr 09
Well I do not know if you have cable, satellite, or regular TV, but if you have satellite then it is on Pay Per View on Direct TV. I am going to order it tonight, and I hope that it is as good as the first. Thanks for sharing.
@jedopi (401)
• Canada
16 Jun 09
Yes I have seen the movie quite recently with my four kids. We saw it about 3 weeks ago and it was great! In fact I think that it was even better than the first. It is very funny and if you like the original you will definitely enjoy this one too. The same actors are doing the voices again in the sequel which is good. Sometimes when they make a second movie they change the voices or the animation and it is not as enjoyable. They did a great job with this one though. I would rate the first Madagascar 7/10 and this one 8/10.
@cahyorini (315)
• Indonesia
20 Apr 09
Yes i have, my rate still good at the 7 point, the movie still good. It's the stories of they find their habitat in Africa, especially the Lion who like the dancing (douh..!! i forget the name). So i recommend this movie to you to watch.