why did you do this ?

@rocketsky (1013)
April 10, 2009 6:00pm CST
I really dont now how to communicate with some of my friends .we all know a friend in need is a friend indeed .but there are always someone who never wants to be good or real friends with you .they just use you and make full use of you ,they just let you down ,make you feel unhappy and give you a blow when you are in happiness ! last year I lent 1000RMBto one of my best friend ,once I thoughthe was my best friend,but when I ask him for the money and I told him that I was in trouble and I really need that money ,he told me that he never borrowed any money from me !I really wants to beat him and nearly wanted to punished him for what he said . how could you do this ?do you think I am fool ?I never thought I could have a friend like you ! I know someday you will regret for what you did today ! dear fiends here on mylot ,what will you do if sth similiar happened to you once ?what should you do ?
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@akuler (3534)
• Malaysia
28 Mar 10
Hi rocketsky, Friend, by general acceptance definition, is the one who always be on your side during your happy and sad times. They would be your companion when you laugh and will be your adviser when you are in trouble. As by definition, your "friend" is actually not fall under friends category. He is just a person who like to take advantage of others. This person is the person who never be grateful and only bring trouble to you. You should erase him from your friends list because he is indeed not your friend. I also face some problem just like yours. I gave him my money them on the basis of trying to help. He paid it back in installment but unfortunately he always paid it short then the amount he borrow from me. My problem is I never write down the amount I gave to him and the amount he had paid me back.
14 Mar 10
I not sure what amount 1000 rmb is, is that a lot of money? My old granddad always said people fall out about money and love more then any other thing, and to me its proved true. If they just plain wont pay you just have to take it on the chin and bear it in mind if anyone else ever asks you. I always ask myself could and would they do the same? But its always a risk lending money on a personal theres no guarantee.
@celticeagle (124692)
• Boise, Idaho
11 Apr 09
I think we need to realize going into the relationship that not all gals are going to be the same caliber of friend to you. I don't think the users are really friends. I have made it a rule many years ago to never loan money or expensive items to most friends. Now there are two that I have known since I was in junior high and one i met soon after. And I think we all have different types of friends. Ones that are just to go do certain activities with and then there are others that you can really talk to and seem to be on the same level with. Friends are great but they all all have their different appeals.
@hxstar (510)
• China
11 Apr 09
Well,I am sorry to hear that.I would rather the money was lost of my careless.A good friend is not so easy to find.You need a long time to know a person.So,do not consider someone you don't know deeply as your best friend lightly.A long time's get along with someone will let you know if he is good or bad.
@angkat14 (25)
• Philippines
11 Apr 09
Actually, there's no such things as friends (or family) when it comes to money. That was why a lot of people say don't do business with your friends or family because sooner or later, you might lose them when you get into an argument over things such as money. In fact, I'd rather borrow money from a mere acquaintance rather than a friend, especially if its a big amount. For loose change, yeah, you can borrow from friends, but never for big amount. Its better to keep money and friendship apart. XD
@mhil84 (182)
• Philippines
11 Apr 09
You know its really hard to find a real friend, perhaps you might have lots of friends but sure, you can only count who are the true friend/ friends of yours and if you do have its a blessings. I used to envy people who have lots of friends before but later on realize that its not on the numbers of friend/s you have but its on the quality. So what can i say is if you have one cherish them atleast you know who they are really now.
@CJscott (4195)
• Portage La Prairie, Manitoba
10 Apr 09
There are no friends when it comes to money. That is a business, always have it signed in paper. That way you can say yes you did look right here, if you don't pay I will take legal action. But as they say hindsight is 20/20 and this is the way I learned to, from experience. I just gave it up as lost money, I do not know how much 1000RMB is, but I have lost 100$ CAD and I just went thought, well I guess that is lost money, sadly though, I have stopped talking to this person. And will never trust them again. That I guess is how I deal.