On second thought.

@CJscott (4182)
April 11, 2009 1:17am CST
Here I was thinking I should have a bit of the proverbial bubbly before I bite the bullet. But after reading MakingPots discussion, I decided to bite the bullet and post something or another in here. Oddly I forgotten what it was, I thought it would be a good one too. I'll be back... And after some brief soul searching for an appropriate topic, I have came up with, squat. But, I decided to do it, as such it must be done. Happy Spanking.
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@riyasam (16570)
• India
11 Apr 09
life is all about taking risks but dont you think biting a bullet is a bit too risky???
@James72 (26829)
• Australia
11 Apr 09
Biting the bullet can be quite risky at times actually. It could go off..... The metal could chip your teeth..... If you ARE gonna do it though, my suggestion is that you bite the bullet with your name on it. At least this way, if it DOES go off, it's been removed from your life equation once and for all and no-one else can use it. Try not to squat for too long either. It really does get painful after a while.
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@elitess (5071)
• Ipswich, England
11 Apr 09
I have decided to add some tags to your discussion as i see people are rather avoiding it. A proud Panda Spanker should always respond to his fellow members discussion, be it complex or simple. Happy Spanking and perhaps you should check my discussion with the video of the little Panda, in order to take a Young Panda for yourself in order to Spank it with Pride.