How many times do you move?

April 15, 2009 9:18am CST
How many times do you move? Moving as in moving from an apartment to another or condo to another. As for my experience I call my self as an NPA, which means No Permanent Address. Since I was a kid, my family kept on moving. I remember when I was around two we live in a apartment somewhere in a province in the Philippines, when I was around five or six we moved in to another province stayed there for almost 6 years, then moved to another town, stayed there for 2 years, moved to another town for a year, then to another town for a year, another town for 2 years. Then stayed for a city for 2 years, Moved back to a town for 3 years. Now that I have my own family, I think we moved at least thrice for the last 2 years. Whew! Moving is really tiring! Can you beat that? More or less ten times of moving in and out of different houses, towns and cities.
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• United States
15 Apr 09
when i was younger and lived with my mom we moved every 2 years some times sooner and sence i got married we only moved 3 times and now that we own this house i dont plain on moving for a few years we just got this house 2 years ago.
• Philippines
15 Apr 09
It is nice you already own a house. I also want to own someday. When i am tired of going to different places.
@riyasam (16556)
• India
15 Apr 09
after marraige,i was living with my in-laws.then due to work reasons,i had to from there to a smaller apartment.then i became pregnant and had to go to my again i have to move to my in-laws place.