Is that a watermelon growing in your belly??

@jerzgirl (8310)
Gloucester City, New Jersey
April 15, 2009 12:11pm CST
Mom told you not to swallow those seeds, didn't she?? She told you you'd be growing whatever plant it was whose seed you swallowed, right? But, as we grew up, we all learned that just can't happen. Or can it? First of all, when my step granddaughter shoved a dried bean up her nose, no one knew until the thing sprouted and began to cause discomfort. Now there's a case in Russia of a man who was told he probably had lung cancer after he began coughing up blood and an xray showed a growth in one of his lungs. To verify the tentative diagnosis, the doctors performed a biopsy. Now - if you're the least bit squeamish, do NOT open this link. I am giving you fair warning. So - what do you think? Makes you feel real good about going out during peak pollen season and inhaling all that good clean fresh Spring air, doesn't it? Remember this whenever you're outside taking that next deep breath!! If this had been you, would you be relieved with the discovery? Or would it produce a new kind of fear in you?
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@pyewacket (44032)
• United States
16 Apr 09 beat me too this story. I heard this late last night and actually starting laughing hysterically. I mean can you imagine the perplexed looks on the surgeons faces? Here they were expecting to find a tumor and instead they found a growing fir tree...who would have thought? Hey does that mean we shouldn't eat seeds of any kind? Well if it were me I think I be more relieved that it wasn't a cancerous tumor
@Opal26 (17683)
• United States
15 Apr 09
Hey jerz! OMFG! He inhaled a fir tree bud and it figgen grew into a fir tree! Holy crap! Luky for him it didn't grow to be a full grown tree! That is so wierd! I guess I'd better watch what I inhale from now on! Can you imagine that? How many other people have taken a nice deep breath and not knowingly know that they have inhaled something like that! Oh wow! You just never know do you!
@cynthiann (18609)
• Jamaica
15 Apr 09
I'm too scared to open this!
• Philippines
15 Apr 09
This is really a very strange news and i can't still believe how can something grow inside our body, well maybe only water was needed, but how about sunlight and air for that thing to grow inside the lungs. As if the lungs itself help that fir to grow, it was really really strange and weird. Well i hope nobody now would be so nosy on flowers and stuffs else they wanted to be sure that they won't be sniffing anything that would cause them the same thing like what happened to that person. Anyway we can't really explain something more stranger than that or to what is happening around the world that we still don't know about it.
@max1950 (2313)
• United States
15 Apr 09
very cool but unlees i see a vine growing out my butt im not going to worry about it, russians eat fir tree cones for a sweet tooth, and maybe thats how he got it, inhaling a seed, or a pine cone bug, he ingested. but the site was deffinitly very cool.