my money is more than my posts ???!!!

April 16, 2009 10:04am CST
well last time i logged in my money was deducted to 0.01 $ since i posted an url in my comment, but this time i have logged in and i saw that my money should have risen till 5.70$ becaz that was my yesterdays last post number , but when the accounts refreshed i saw that my money rose till 5.83 $ where did these extra 0.13 $ came from.??!!.
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• United States
6 Aug 09
Haha, you should be happy. Earning Extra money
@Bloggership (1104)
• Indonesia
19 Apr 09
Are you sure about that?.. Well, maybe the answer is when you have made the last login your account was not being updated yet. That means maybe you need a extra patient to wait your a rise... LOL
@sayh123 (150)
• Philippines
17 Apr 09
maybe you can send the email in the administration of mylot. You ask some few question about that.:(
• India
16 Apr 09
i m new to this site.. tho hav already heard not much about it, m already in love wid dis site. n after reading ur post ithink i'l be always logged on to dsi site.. :)
@myl999 (2093)
• India
16 Apr 09
what so ever it is good and wonderful to have more money..
• Philippines
16 Apr 09
Just check your earning status since there is a breakdown of how you get that $0.13 cents. I don't believe that Mylot will just give it to you FREE. It will be related to the work you have done here, so just be happy about it. Anyway this site doesn't give you per post pay, but the quality of posts you made. Sometimes when you try to write only two liners, it will only give you less or else deducted if you posted it on a forum that violated Mylot rules. But still Mylot is the best site since we can post here unlimited not like any other sites, but hey of course, we need to be giving quality posts only else that will be called a spam. Happy mylotting!