Any Other Victims Of "Poor Timing" Out There?

April 17, 2009 1:24am CST
AARRGGHH!!! My husband and I were supposed to go to a concert tonight, that is to say, we were doing our best to get there, if we could get tickets, transportation, and a hotel room in time. Unfortunately, we weren't paid in time. A few payments we received are pending. AARRGGHH!!!! It's now too late to buy the tickets, book a room, and get transportation. Anyone else had a disappointment like this, this week? I was really looking forward to this, as it's one of my favourite singers, Goran Karan, all the way from Croatia!!!
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@arkaf61 (10881)
• Canada
28 Jun 09
Oh yeah... been there - or some similar situation -. But thankfully not this week. I have had enough bad news and disappointments this past week to have to endure something like that as well. I am sorry that it happened to you. I know pretty much how it feels. Hope you will have a chance to make up for this soon:)
@dfinster (3535)
• United States
21 Apr 09
I understand your frustration. There have been a few times that has happened to me with my husband or friends. Everybody gets so excited about going and having a great time. The get all their plans ready, think everything will be smooth sailing and a great time will be had by all. You look forward to it for weeks and then we ended up paying for the seats a day late and lost the chance togo to the concert. We all love going to these things and when we find out what happened we were already on out=r way there sure that we would get in becuse everyone said there would be plenty of tickes, we even got there half-way early only to find out like many other people did they were sold out and we couldn't even hear what was going on inside. The part that was worse was that we could here the all the excitment, an we heard basically nothing at all except mostly hufled sounds. I know this may sound corny, but Karma has a way of paying people back, almost like making the concert not that great for the people that really wanted to see it who got in. Maybe it wasn't as great as they told you because they wanted to seem better than you because they actually got there. I sincerely hope you were alright even after you missed it. Things will eventually going to get better. Trust me. Leave the men feel the guilt about letting you all down. They're the ones that look like jerks because they couldn't ake car of their girfriends. Hang in there. Dawn
@Rozie37 (15499)
• Turkmenistan
21 Apr 09
I had a disappointment today. I was waiting for a phone call to make an appointment for something. Because my cell phone drops calls on a regular basis, I left my sister's number for the call back message. When they called back, my brother-in-law answered by saying his last name and they hung up thinking that they had the wrong number. When I tried to call them back, I got their voicemail again. I was very frustrated, AARRGGHH!!!
@carpenter5 (6786)
• United States
20 Apr 09
Oh yea. My hubby's paycheck goes in to our bank through direct deposit. I headed tot he grocery store a couple of months ago the morning after the money was supposed to have gone in. After spending more than an hour going around the store gathering the things that I needed, I went to pay for them with our ATM card and it declined it! I was just so embarassed. There had been some kind of computer glitch and the money didn't go in when it was supposed to.
@stephcjh (32327)
• United States
19 Apr 09
I have had all kinds of disappointments this week too. My daughter's car has to have another morot put in it but we were going to use that money for something else but can't now.
@raydene (9874)
• United States
17 Apr 09
Hello Sweets I'd like a nickle for everytime I've been as my Da used to say " a day late and a dollar short" but I believe that things happen for a reason and when this happens something else takes it's place. So what did you do instead? xoxoxoxoxo
@tyc415 (5706)
• United States
17 Apr 09
That is very bad timing for sure and sorry to hear it. It does sound like it would have been a nice night out for you and your husband. I know I have had many bad timings occur for me over the years but the worst in my family was for my daughter. Her husband went to England to work for a couple of months. Before he come back he found out that he could stay a few days when the job was over and my daughter went to get a passport. She waited and waited for it to get to her and his time was running short also. Then the day come that he had to let the boss know if he was staying a few extra days or would be leaving with the others who were make a long story short he had to leave and her passport come in the very next day so she was not able to go to England. He has not had to go back over there since then but if and when he does she will be ready next time. We just see it as one of those trips that was not meant for her to go on.
@srganesh (6345)
• India
17 Apr 09
It is very sad,you missed that concert.If you really wanted to attend the concert,then you should not have expected the due payments,but raised funds from other sources.that is from your savings or a short term loan from friends.I always don't depend on others to something essential to do.Cheers!