being spied, How do you feel?

April 21, 2009 1:54am CST
I think all of us know yahoo messenger, don't we? For a person always use the internet many hours a day like me, YM is a way to communicate with my friends, my family, and relations.Sometimes, I just log in and use "invisible" status because I don't want to be bother when I have somethings to do but I still can know who free, or willing to chat. However, there are many tools, websites check invisible nick. And there are many people use these tool to spy other people. Like my condition, there are a guy I want to avoid him, so I always use invisible to him. He use website to figure out me. That's okay if he's polite enough to know that I do not want to chat with him or I'm busy. Actually, he's not. He also use some trick to try to discover me. I'm quite good in internet field, so I can know his trick and erase my track. But that's annoying me, like being spied.
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• United States
21 Apr 09
I was into Yahoo messagener awhile back ago but than I discovered it took a lot of time in my day. Also when I was instructed to download the new verison than my computer starting messing up. Someday I might get back on it but for me I would rather talk on the phone or communicate through email. I did use the invisible feature as well because there were some people that would butt into my conversations and I did not like that too well either. Thanks for this discussion and happy mylotting to you as well.
@Tko2020 (266)
23 Apr 09
Something here dont sound right, if you really wanted to avoid him, you could just delete him, or use a different id, or even change to Skype,you really need to ask yourself "Do you really want to avoid him"
• Vietnam
30 Apr 09
Absolutely, I use another ID. But that Id is the most important. Do you understand?
• Philippines
21 Apr 09
I feel fine today. Weather is pleasant where i am. wind breeze is really cool. Generally pleasant with a positive disposition.