Puzzeling Delima

Lubbock, Texas
April 26, 2009 12:20pm CST
. . .or maybe just a puzzle. I received an e mail written in very poor English. It was asking for my web site URL. The person was looking for a "beader lite". As I examined the e mail further I found that in the address portion that it was addressed to info@thebeadedgiraffe.com. Now how did an e mail addressed to info@thebeadedgiraffe.com get sent to thebeaddoodler@live.com. Is it possible that cyberspace actually sent the message to the wrong inbox, or is it a phishing scam that somehow was made to look like it was sent to one person when it was sent to another? And how would that benefit anyone? It gave me the creeps so I deleted it, but it still bothers me. I looked up The Beaded Giraffe and it is a legitimate website, and if the person inquiring had the e mail address they could have easily found the website URL. Anybody got any answers to my ill-formed questions?
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@aidenw (632)
• United States
26 Apr 09
i'm not familiar with 'beader lite' or 'beaded giraffe' but my guess is the person sent the email to several sites that they believed carried the stuff and yours was one of them.as to the different email addresses,he/she probably entered 1 address in the 'to' space and the rest as 'bcc'. that way you only saw the 1 address,in this case info@thebeadedgiraffe.com but the other addresses were hidden. i know with all the phising and scam going on these days we can never be too careful and it's better to be safe than sorry,so don't feel bad about deleting the email.
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• Lubbock, Texas
27 Apr 09
Thanks. I didn't think about the bcc function. I should have, I use it often enough. No I don't feel bad about deleting the e mail. I don't sell beading equipment and if anybody wants to find me all they have to do is type my name into the search engine.
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• Canada
20 Sep 09
Sometimes people will put an address in the to field, and other addresses in the BCC field. BCC stands for Blind Carbon Copy, meaning that those people will be copied on the e-mail, but no one else receiving the e-mail will see that it was sent to anyone else. In conclusion, it is a phishing scam, which they are trying to hide, by not letting you see it sent to any but one address. They are also hoping that you are not looking so closely as to see that yours is not the address in the to field, because after all, if it goes to a person, would that person not assume the mail was addressed to them? I always check the to field to make sure the message was actually intended for me.