How many laptops do you own?

May 6, 2009 11:15am CST
Do you own more than 1 laptop? Do you use it for different purposes? Or are you just collecting newer model laptops to fill your desk?
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@gcorp09 (940)
• Singapore
7 May 09
We have a total of 2 laptops. My husband is using 1 laptop (mainly for his work). Recently a few months ago, he bought another laptop for me, as I'm shuttering between another place and home frequently, and there's no computer or internet for me to use over there. I'm actually using the laptop right now to type this message... I don't think there's 1 person who really own more than 1 laptop. A scenerio I can think of is that the person may have 1 laptop at work, and another one at home... Or the person bought a new laptop, but still keep the old one as spare...
• Philippines
8 May 09
Totally agree. Happens to me too! got an old but still in a very good condition laptop however, I need a laptop which is smaller and isn't heavy to carry when Im on a trip. So still have my old laptop as a spare and uses the new one. Friends can use my old laptop whenever they need to use a computer or the internet.
@gcorp09 (940)
• Singapore
8 May 09
Yes, this is what I sometimes noticed too, especially if the laptop is a lower end older model laptop. In my country, some shops do allow trade-in of laptops when you buy a new one from them. The value will depend on the model and the age of the laptop. Sometimes the value they offer is way too low that people rather keep the old laptop. At one time, my husband did had 2 laptops (1 new Dell laptop, and the old one). He later sold it to another colleague who do not mind a secondhand one (cos his budget do not allow for a new one).
• Indonesia
14 May 09
I have two laptops, one I bought when I was still studying in uni, and now I have another one from the office. I used my uni laptop for my daily routines when I go home and surf internet, watch movies there. But I get tiresome form this laptop, the brand is Acer, and it is already broken 3 times already! My office laptop is Dell, but it is heavy and I cannot install anything in that laptop because it is locked by the administrator, so I never used and just leave it at the office.
@stanlee81 (381)
• China
9 May 09
Aha,interesting!I just purchased my first laptop recently.I think it's cool and convenience compared to the older PC. For me,one piece is enough for now.Because,my desk PC still work.So,actually,two pcs available at home.Have a nice day!
@Ozarkgirl (774)
• United States
6 May 09
We own three one for me, one for my husband and one for the kids.
@chimrani (1430)
• India
6 May 09
Till now i haven't purchased any laptop.My desktop is more costlier than laptop And i hate laptop i don't know why. But planing to purchase one with in 2 months but my friends dad have 4 and you know bollywood actor amitab bacchan has many laptops because he is lover of laptops .
@SuzyLong (775)
6 May 09
We have 2 laptops. Mine was the only laptop but then my boyfriend's mum brought him one for christmas so now we have one each. We both use them for the internet and business. I have had mine for about 2 years, I usually keep them until they break but mine is still working fine so I think I'll be having it for a long time yet.