if add 2G memory . is it can improve the speed obviously?

@fwangaa (3057)
May 11, 2009 9:35am CST
i have a 1G memory , if i add 2G memory , is it can improve the speed obviously? my others setup don't change. just add the memory. the memory is now not every high. i want to buy one in internet tomorrow. is it improve a lot add 2G memory?
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@tdemex (3540)
• United States
11 May 09
Sorry adding memory won't improve speed, if anything it will slow it down! Why? Because it will have more space to look thru to find what you are looking for, hope that makes sense. But if you want to go faster, your computer, or I should say most computers have extra space for more RAM and it's easy to install and not to expensive. 1 gig of memory is a lot, consider storage on-line at a free site. They store a lot of information for you for free! It's very easy to access, things like pics. and music, they use a lot of memory and unless you use them all the time you won't miss them not being on your hard drive. But get the RAM and you will notice a great improvement in speed. tdemex
• India
13 May 09
obviously increasing memory spec will greatly increase your system performance and enhances your work,one has to always go through memory requirement whenever gets time ,in day to day life memory requirement always grows as we start using some brand new technologies , the day is not so far when we will start using 8GB-10GB memory for home as minimum requirement.
@stephcjh (38598)
• United States
12 May 09
I honestly have no idea. I am thinking about getting 2 gigs for my computer tomorrw. I am low on memory and I surely hope it goes faster too. All that is available to me, is dialup right now.
@youless (109334)
• Guangzhou, China
12 May 09
I think your computer will run faster if your memory is added to 2GB. You can see the difference between a 512MB and 1GB computer. So why 2GB won't be faster? The RAM is also one of the main effects to have a faster computer. I love China
@rosdimy (3926)
• Malaysia
13 May 09
If the RAM fits, you will definitely see an improvement in speed, especially when running graphics intensive programs. I do not know why there are people who say there will be no improvement. Any computer technician would suggest a memory upgrade to those who want to increase system speed. Windows allocates a percentage of the hard disk for virtual memory. When the available memory is insufficient it will write data into this virtual memory area and read it back. So running a graphics intensive software or having multiple programs running at the same time will slow down the speed because of this process. Having estra RAM means there is less read/write onto the hard disk, thus the system runs faster. all the best, rosdimy
12 May 09
seriously it will slow your pc down. higher ram means everything else has to work faster and harder to use that and thus leaving less for everything else. thats why windows readyboost is pointless.
@ShepherdSpy (8544)
• Omagh, Northern Ireland
11 May 09
It would depend a lot on your computer and how much memory it was capable of handling..If your machine could only deal with 1G of memory as a maximum,adding 2G would be a waste of money for You as it couldn't use more than 1G..but if your setup is capable of using more,then Yes,your speed would improve! but it's hard to say how much of an improvement the extra memory would make..
@williamjisir (22820)
• China
12 May 09
Morning, fwangaa. I think that you need to ask a local professional to come and check if your computer is compatible to a bigger memory to make sure that you won't get one that you cannot use. Well, my laptop is old and I also added a bigger memory to it. After that, it works much better than it used to be. Good luck to you, friend.
• Philippines
11 May 09
Yes the speed will improve but it will not be that great. Remember, your computer speed depends on how fast your processor is. If you really want to speed up your computer you have to equalize the speed of your computer's processor and its memory.
11 May 09
if you want to speed up your pc looks like you want a CPU upgrade.