Who pays your bill???

@Beertjie (977)
South Africa
May 14, 2009 6:03am CST
Seeing that most of us spend a lot of time on the internet, espcialy on mylot, it must cost a lot of money to stay online for so long. Who pays for your internet bill. Do you use internet at work for private use, or only at home. I pay my own bills and internet usage is rather expencive. Spending time on mylot takes a lot of megabites, but it is all worth it. I pay more for internet fees than what I make on mylot, or on the internet altogether. Maybe that will change as business grows. What about you, is internet costing you a lot or do you make a profit off the net??
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@nimzia (388)
• India
5 Jun 09
Internet usage willnot be so expensive,if you take a right choice in your connection.now adays the usage of internet is increasing all around the world,but not only usage but also the plannings or broadband packages also was increasing and most of them are unlimited plans. so please make aright choice in your connection.......if not you want to quit such internet programs.......pls think and make the right choice.... happy mylotting and take care
@stephcjh (38893)
• United States
18 May 09
My husband and I pay our own bills also. We pay for our own internet too. I work online to pay for mine.
• India
14 May 09
Hubby and me split it between us. All this time I did not have the net at home. Apart from my mylotting, hubby dear too was feeling the need of a net connection at home (for his own work) and our son is of course, like overnight he will become a genius in studies if the net comes homeā€¦so anyway we decided to take the connection from this month (May) onwards and we are splitting the bill, since both of us are earning. And no, I dont make any profit from the net. Online earning opportunities in India are practically non-existant.
@morsh8888 (634)
• Indonesia
14 May 09
My mom pays the bill. I want to help her, but I Don't have money. Later I've I had much money, I work on to pays the bill too.