do you like your neighbors?

@cainam (493)
May 15, 2009 12:51am CST
we don't have neighbors. imagine what kind of place is that. we're like cave men. very remote area. i'm glad there's still celphone signal here. but i guess we are lucky. most of the time neighbors are annoying. they are just good with gossips.
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8 Jul 09
Hello,, We have a lot of neighbors they are kind and friendly but others are backstabbers, and you definetly correct that they are just good with gossips
• United States
8 Jun 09
I have a empty lot inbetween me and my neighbor on one side. But I dont mind them because they are my in laws. But the other neighbors I would rather have a empty lot. They dont usually bug us but when they do they really get on my nerves. We live in a gated community so they have called twice saying my dogs are barking to much. 1st off my dogs are inside dogs and I have sound proof windows so they cant hear them if they do bark which is never. The first time they complained they said my dogs where barking non stop for 2 hours. I had only had my dogs out for like 15 minutes. Plus they complained about one dog and I had 2. They only bark when someone walks past them on our property or past the garage when they are in there. So the security guard had walked up to the garage and made them bark to see if he could hear them and you couldnt even hear them and there was 2 of them barking. The second time they called my dogs where indoors. I called the security shack and told her that it was the dogs across the street or on the other side and to let them know that if they complain one more time I will take them to court for harrassment. And to let them know that if my dogs do bark its because there daughter is on my property and I can get a petition from the neighbors proving she tresspasses on everyones property. And the next time they park on my driveway during there party I will have the cars towed from my property. They havnt complained since. SO sometimes you let them know you mean business and they leave you alone. They dont like my dogs becaus she swears they are pits because they are brindle in color. They are boxers. She told her daughter boxers arnt that color. But I think she knows that now.
@Porcospino (28327)
• Denmark
6 Jun 09
We have only got one neighbour and we don't know her that well, but she seems like a nice person. Some weeks we were going on holiday and we asked her to keep an eye on our house, and when we got back we gave her a small gift as a way to say thank you. We have never visited eachother inside the house, but we talk a bit when we meet outside. Before we moved here we lived in an apartment and the neighbours were really noisy, so we are happy to live in a quiet place now, there is a huge difference