I'm Gutted...

May 19, 2009 2:04pm CST
A couple of years ago I met a guy who was nice and all but I wasnt attracted to him so I decline his request for me to be his girlfriend. We remained good friends and recently he's met another girl. I haven't met her yet and I don't want to meet her as just the thought that he's found someone else kinda bugs me and I don't know why. Now I've just heard that he's getting married and this girl is expecting their first child. I'm happy for him and all that but I am so gutted! I just feel like you know whats she got that I havent got?? Its like I do like him but I dont want to be his girlfriend but at the same time I don't want anybody else to be his girlfriend. I just want him to be my friend which is what he is but I cant help but feel gutted that there's another girl in his life. Have you ever felt like this before? How do I stop feeling gutted?
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@plddre79 (161)
• United States
19 May 09
jellymonty! get over it! it appears quite apparent that a lot was missing in your relationship with this man in question. your feelings for him were not genuine com- ared to how he felt about you, were genuine. he displayed his feelings to you, but you refused to display yours. it stands to reason that although you kept your re- lationship with him in a platonic way, it was very selfish of you to keep him beliving things would change in a positive way. you strung him along to where he finally woke up to the fact that your feelings for hih were frivolous only and was time for him to brush you aside and to look for romance elsewhere. the reason you now feel so gutted is because you don't have him on the string anymore. -
19 May 09
True, but I did tell him how I felt and I dont think I strung him along.. My problem is that now that he's about to have a wife, we wont have our friendship anymore so thats what bugging me. I dont want a relationship with him.. I'm happy with the open friendship that we have and it works for us.. but now his new bride to be will definetly not want a girl to be her husband's best friend... you know girls are quite silly when it comes to this sort of stuff...
• Canada
19 May 09
Sadly there is nothing you can do but accept and be happy for him. Is he still spending time with you like before are you still as good of friends? And you are not the only one that should be doing the accepting his new girl needs to accept the fact that his close friend is a girl, and not create drama when he wants to spend time with you. Isnt it kinda early for marriage and a baby? Take it easy and if you need a friend add me ok?
19 May 09
Yes we still spend the same amount of time.. but recently he's got a job in another town so I only get to see him on weekends mainly. We do talk to each other on the phone at least once every two days and we text each other all the time. I know I will have to back out now but I dont want to lose him. His one of my best friends now and maybe coz another girl has creeped in. But before she showed up we were fine and life was good... Ok no worries I'll add you as a friend. thanx
@phurren (125)
20 May 09
Just give it time. Time heals all wounds as they say.