Traveling is a great hobby

May 20, 2009 5:27am CST
Traveling is my hobby. I travel many place of India. I like it. I gain my experience from it. I also know about every people of different place. Do you love travel?
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@TrvlArrngr (4051)
• United States
24 May 09
yes it is great to travel - it broadens your experiences and gives you more confidence. My kids have been traveling since they were babies and i think it makes them more well rounded. they have seen poverty and they have seen wealth. they know when to appreciate where they live too. we try to travel 2-3 times per year tho when they were young we traveled even more.
@pratik87 (1927)
• India
21 May 09
Hi ace, i agree that traveling is one of the best hobbies ever. It is fun to travel, no matter how. I like to travel with the least amount of preparation, with the right kind of company and without much fuss . Travel really broadens one's outlook and helps you understand people better who belong to different parts and different cultures.i think it is a great stress buster although i prefer to travel short distances.maybe once in a while i do not mind a long trip.
@livz4u (8)
• United Arab Emirates
20 May 09
I Love travelling differnet places. Have travelled to India, UK, & Middle East and have met various people of different Nationalities & Culture. While travelling you meet a lot to local people and also experience the local foods of the country.
@Porcospino (30155)
• Denmark
20 May 09
I love traveling. My husband and I just got married and many of our relatives and friends gave us cash as a present, because they all know how much we love traveling and they know that we are going to spend the money on traveling. We already started taking about the countries that we want to visit I think it is really interesting to visit new places/countries and I love to learn about different cultures, languages etc. The list of countries that I hope to visit in the future is very, very long...
• Philippines
20 May 09
I love traveling too. It's very nice to be exposed to different places and people. I like having an adventure with places I've never been to before. Having the guts to go there and live amongst the locals even for a short while even though I don;t know anybody and I don't know where to go. If I had a gajillion dollars, I'd go around the world as much as I could. hahaha!
@nashlix (186)
• Singapore
20 May 09
i think everyone here loves to travel. just that travelling isnt as easy as it sounds, with all the packings and preparations needed such as making sure you bring everything you need and planning your route in a particular country. also, cost is a factor. but the benefits of travelling is that you see the world and meet the global citizens. so travelling is definitely fun and exciting! and a great hobby!
• China
20 May 09
Hello acematthews71 ,I really have a fondness for traveling ,I can still recall my last travel with my parents to Hainan Island of China ,the picturesque scenary and hospitable civilian really made me a deep impression ,if you have a chance I recommend you to have a look at Hainan Island ! As to traveling itself , I am inclined to say that it provide me a major advantages ,that is that traveling can be seen as a window into a host of cultures and knowledge ,it helps you by building the community between you and the places of interest you have never seen ,so it is a good way to broaden you horizon !
@maximax8 (30579)
• United Kingdom
20 May 09
Travel is my top hobby. I always wanted to go traveling when I was a child and realized my dream during my teenage years. At age 18 I traveled around Europe by train. When I was 20 years old I traveled around the world on a journey that lasted just over one year. I have managed to go to 52 different countries in the world so far in my lifetime. My favorite that I have been to are Samoa, Australia, New Zealand, the Seychelles and Belize. My last trip was to South Africa where I explored Cape Town and the Garden Route. Traveling is interesting, enjoyable, fascinating and educational.
• Malaysia
20 May 09
yes..i agree with you that traveling is a good hobby. i like traveling..from traveling i can learn many new things and the religion and cultural from the country. i like to buy the special and unique things that the country i traveled to for my memory souvenir..i like traveling because this can help me to make more new friends as friends can be from other contries too.
@mcgrary (107)
• China
20 May 09
I like traveling. But I don't have many holidays. I can't find my time to travel. I don't want to travel on public holidays. There are always so many people travelling with you. And I can't totally enjoy myself. Because I don't have space to feel the nature.